How to Plan a Baby Shower

If you have a friend or a loved one who is an expectant mom, taking on the role of hostess for their baby shower can be a great way to celebrate their new bundle of joy. Hosting a baby shower, however, requires careful planning to make it memorable and fun for all the guests.

During a baby shower, unless you’re planning to have a sit-down event, it’s best to go with easy-to-eat food. You can check out the options from companies like SnackNation for delicious but reasonably-priced treats.

Here are some of the top considerations that you should keep in mind when planning a baby shower:


1. Set the date

Make sure that you consult with the mom-to-be on the best time to hold the party. In most cases, a baby shower should be held during her seventh month of pregnancy. This is because the expectant mother is safely into her pregnancy, but is still comfortable enough to attend events like the baby shower.

Choosing the right date for the party also gives her sufficient time to check all the gifts she’ll receive during the shower and determine whether there are still things that she needs to buy before her baby is born.

2. Prepare the guest list and budget

You should always come up with the guest list together with the expectant mom. Although most baby showers are have females in attendance, invite the dad-to-be. At the very least, let him make an appearance near the end of the celebration so that he can also play a part in this special day. The mom-to-be will definitely appreciate his presence and support.

Set a budget that will accommodate your guests, the venue, decor, and food. After you have finalized the guest list and budget, it’s time to design or purchase the perfect invitation that would set the theme of the celebration. Give the guests at least 6 weeks to decide and confirm their attendance.

3. Pick a venue

If you have a limited budget, consider holding the baby shower in your backyard or living room. This is also best if you’re only planning an intimate gathering with close friends and family. If you have a large guest list, book with a restaurant or hotel that is located within your neighborhood.

Remember that your choice of venue will often depend on the date you have selected. Always book way ahead of time so that you can try availing discounts as well as provide enough time for the venue’s staff to prepare for the event.

You can try hosting the baby shower on your own, especially if you’re confident in your organizational and public speaking skills. Otherwise, it’s best to leave the preparation and implementation to the professionals who have made their career in events.

4. Choose the menu and decor

If you want to do a simple get-together then you should go for snacks, since these allow your guests to eat without worrying about holding the cutlery or balancing their plates on their laps. If you want one with actual food then you can hold your baby shower in a restaurant and check their menu beforehand.

Choose decorations that suit your chosen theme. As much as possible, do not include perishables like flowers to save on the cost. If you must have them at the party, make sure that you wait until the day before so that they’d still retain their freshness on the day of the celebration.

5. Create an agenda and select the party favors

Create an agenda and select the party favors

Although they may seem too corny, playing party games can really help lighten the mood and encourage guests to be more comfortable when mingling and bonding with the others. Just remember to stay away from games that will most likely embarrass the guests or the mom-to-be.

As the hostess, be certain to express your gratitude for the guests who attended and made the day memorable for the mother-to-be. Send your guests home with party favors that would serve as a reminder of the fun they had during the celebration. Some great examples are healthy homemade food, fridge magnets, and scented skin care products.


When planning a baby shower for your close friend or family member, always remember that you should be planning the party that she wants, and not the one that you want. The mom-to-be should always be your primary consideration in every step of your planning process.

If you want to pull off a successful and enjoyable party, the most important thing to do is to prepare ahead of time. Remember that even the best plans can go wrong so give yourself enough time to make any necessary adjustments or changes.

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