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How to Reduce My Child’s Fever Easily with No Medicine?

I get alarmed when it comes to fever. I panic when my baby is too hot.  Moreover, when the fussiness starts, my stress level goes crazy.  Now, not anymore.

Do not be scared to try using natural remedies when your child is sick. How can I reduce my child’s fever without using medicine? You will be surprised to find many ways to do so.

Fever is a natural reaction when the body is fighting sickness. Reducing it does not help. I am conservative when it comes to medication. However, when the temperature is high, (38 degrees C or higher), you can apply non-medical approach as first aid.

You will see, learning some traditional ways is a significant relief.  


How can I reduce my child’s fever without medicine?

Try using these different methods to treat fever. There is no need to take medication right away. Aside from saving money, these approaches are useful all the time. The following ways will reduce your child’s high body temperature.

1. Damp Washcloth Treatment - the cool cloth absorbs heat and lower the temperature down.

  • Get a damp washcloth and fold it enough to cover your child’s forehead.
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    Place it on her forehead, ankles, around the neck and wrists. Damp it again when it is no longer cold.

2. Tepid Sponging or Lukewarm bath - the lukewarm water (32-35 degrees Celsius) easily evaporates. When it happens, it cools her and brings down the body heat. 

  • Place your baby in her tub (sitting position) and pour two inches of tepid water. By using the back of your hand, check the water’s warmth. This is useful when you do not have a bath thermometer.
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    Use a clean baby towel or sponge let the water run through her body, arms, and legs. Continue doing so for ten minutes until her temperature goes down.
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    Take her out, dry quickly and wrap properly. Lay her on the bed.

Take note: Never use cold water. Otherwise, it will make her shudder thus triggering the rise of body temperature. It is advisable to keep the room temperature at about 24 deg. Celsius too.

3. A fan is useful - To avoid chilling your child, turn on the fan to low setting. Let the air circulate and do not let it hit her directly.

4. Lessen and loosen your child’s clothes. A layer of clothes naturally gives warmth to your child. Our body loses heat through the skin. 

  • Therefore, take off the top clothes. Leave thin clothing and loosen it. 

5. Wet Sock Treatment - this method stimulates the increase in circulation and response from the immune system. When the body releases heat, it dries the socks thus results in a cooling effect. Try this technique overnight.

  • Squeeze out the excess water from wet cotton socks.
  • Put the cotton socks on and cover it with another wool sock for better insulation.
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    Cover your baby’s feet with a blanket and let her sleep the night.

6. Let your child stay in a cool place. Place the baby crib in a cool corner at home. When it is hot outside, stay in the shade. Else, better stay indoors.

7. Let your child take plenty of water and chilled favorites. Eating her favorite ice pops, chilled juice, yogurt, ice cream, formula, and drinking many water aids in keeping her body cool and at the same time hydrating. Breastfeeding is naturally beneficial too.

8. Provide healthy food to your child to boost the immune system. A stronger defense hastens the body recovery.

  • Let your child eat fruits rich in vitamin C.
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    Chicken soup is the best. Make a chicken soup with vegetables and meat. The soup serves as medicine and keeps the child hydrated as well.

9. Herbal tea fever reducer - Take note that you need a doctor’s permission when you intend to use herbal tea fever reducer for infants. For toddlers, peppermint, raspberry leaf, and ginger are favorite. 

  • Mix ½ teaspoon of herbal tea to boiling water.
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    Add lemon and honey for flavoring and serve it when it is no longer hot.

When is the right time to call a doctor? 

It is true that a fever is a sign that your child’s immune system is working well. However, as a mom, I do my best to weigh certain conditions. Knowing when to seek medical help is crucial for our child’s safety.

At times, the baby appears to be well. However, it is our instinct as a mother to know that something is amiss. Follow your intuition and ask for help.

Watch this video to know the details on when you need a pediatrician.


All the techniques are easy to follow. In fact, your mom may have applied these to you too. There are two (2) vital methods on how to reduce my child’s fever without using medicine.

  • The different options of cooling down the body
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    The diet and fluid intakes to boost the body’s defenses

Do you know that giving our child proper rest like sleeping is the primary natural cure for fever? Our body needs all the strength to battle the infection. For our children, a mom’s mere presence, and loving care can speed up the healing.

Do you have the same ways of treating your little one’s fever? If you have more ideas at home, please feel free to drop a comment. It would be nice to learn something new!

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