Five Fun Ideas to Encourage Your Baby to Walk

I promised myself to capture and document my baby’s first steps. After the rolling over phase, I knew that she was ready and strong enough to start learning how to walk. However, no matter what I did, she simply did not show the interest to do so. I have asked mommies around for ideas on how to encourage my baby to start walking.

Of all the fun tips I have collected, these five fun ideas ended up to be the most useful for my little one. In fact, they are so compelling that I was not able to take a shot to record the first time she trotted and fell into my arms!


Five Fun Ideas to Encourage your Baby to Walk

Although learning how to walk is a natural phase for all babies, you must keep in mind that during the transition safety should come first. You should support your baby with utmost care at this stage.

1. Baby Exersaucers

Are you familiar with baby exersaucers? Having one at home for your little will undoubtedly raise the interest of fun and walking. Exersaucers does not only offer music, lights, and hanging toys for your baby’s delight, but it also allows her to stand, jump, and move her legs. In the process, the exercise will strengthen her legs in preparation for her first strides.

The best baby exersaucers 2019 is the latest and indeed is the most updated in features and safety for your baby. These jumpers as others call it are more of a stationary play center that serves as an activity station to entertain your baby. The purpose of which is to give you time and freedom to do other chores at home while keeping an eye on your baby at the same time.

2. Pushing furniture (low, stable, no sharp edges)

My little one simply drags her bottom across the floor when she wants to move from one corner to the other. It is amusing to watch but disturbing at the same time. When I bought a box to store all her toys, she found the motivation to stand up and climb so she can reach her favorite bear.  Every time she attempts to reach out, she tends to push the toy box a bit.

Surprisingly, she loves pushing the box more than her toys. Her discovery of a new way of having fun is a healthy introduction for walking. In no time, she will finally get tired of the old toy box and walk away from it.

Cruising from one stable object to another

3. Cruising from one stable object to another

One fun way to encourage your baby to walk is to let her cruise from one object to another. This is a gross motor activity that babies naturally love. Make sure that the objects are stable enough to withstand her weight and will not tip over when she reaches it. My baby was happy enough to use the kitchen chairs for her cruising adventure.

The first few tries were at short distances, but when I observe that she has mastered the strides, I gradually placed the chairs further apart to give her extra steps to walk.

4. Wall Huggers

My baby was a wall hugger when she was strong enough to stand. She deliberately hugs the wall for a very long time before moving an inch. She used the wall as support as she slowly drags her feet inch by inch until she reaches the other side. One mom’s idea is to paste or glue pictures, toys, or anything that can attract the baby’s interest.

With all the amazing things that hang on the wall, the baby is motivated to take a step. It does not matter whether she still hugs the wall as long as she keeps on doing the steps while reaching out for what she thinks are fun objects. Her legs will go stronger in the process, and she will master balancing eventually.

5. Introduce Dancing

Music plays an important role not only to your baby’s intellectual development but for the physical aspect as well. Introduce to your baby the ability to dance. Music and dancing make miracles. I tell you, babies do not need encouragement when it comes to banging their feet with the rhythm.

Let dancing be a family bonding and a fun way to encourage your baby to walk. You will be amazed at how quick your little one will respond to the dance beat.


As your baby starts walking, it is about time to prepare your home for it. Keep your area kid-friendly and ensure that every corner is safe. Your patience and stamina are required as well since you will be watching and following her all the time. Try these fun ideas and encourage your baby to walk by doing it as a routine and you will get there!

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