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Is Now the Right Time to Pursue a Career in Organic Food Industry?

The short answer to the titular question would have to be a yes because public awareness regarding organic food and its many benefits to families, kids, pregnant women, and in general to everyone has reached all new heights in the last few years. Thanks to social media, search engines, blogs, and the internet in general, even more, people from various sections of the society will become interested in organic food very soon, which essentially makes it an excellent career path.


How Big is the Organic Food Industry in the US?

According to an official report published in 2017, the total sales amount in that year from the organic food business was $49.4 billion in the US. This means that it would be safe to estimate that by the time last year’s report comes in, the total sales amount will have crossed the $50 billion mark quickly and convincingly.

Which is the Biggest Trend in Organic Food Right Now?

While many trends have made headway in the last few years, nothing compares to hemp right now.  The Farm Bill 2018 opened America’s doors to the cannabidiol (CBD) industry in all fifty states, which means that as of now, the potential to become a CBD distributor and profit significantly from such a venture is very high.

However, the market is still somewhat unorganized, and state officials are not always sure about what they should allow and what they should not! This means that you will have to be extra careful while sourcing your CBD and make sure that it meets all the standards set by the Farm Bill 2018.

US Hemp Wholesale solves this problem for most distributors by guiding them in both setting up their distributorship and supplying them with legal, industrial hemp oil and CBD oil, homegrown in the US. Read the details here on their website to know how you too can become a part of the booming organic food industry, by taking up a CBD distributorship.

The Plant-Based Organic Food Industry is Growing Fast

This news is not to say that people in America are going vegan, but there is little doubt about the fact that within the organic food industry, health-conscious citizens prioritize plant-based nutrition in their daily diet. Part of the reason why this is now becoming a trend originates from what we already discussed in the point before, which is the skyrocketing hemp-derived organic food business.

Another reason for this shift is once again, general awareness. While organic meat is a lot better than industrial meat, it still comes with the dangers of red meat in general. Organic plant-derived food products, on the other hand, have only positive effects, and there are virtually no adverse side effects to be aware of here.

There is Great Scope for Starting Organic Restaurants

As the organic food industry continues to grow, more and more health-conscious Americans are looking for ways to eat out, without breaking their food habits. Naturally, this has created the perfect environment for organic restaurants to prosper in the business.

This new concept is the healthier choice when eating out; and although the costs will be higher, the taste and health benefits will attract and persuade more and more people to try organic food at a restaurant rather than to change their entire dietary habits at home right away. The consumers include people who are not into organic food but are interested in what it is all about, first-hand.

This new culinary breakthrough is similar to how we go out to eat at a Chinese or an Italian restaurant every occasionally, and given how well they are prospering, the organic restaurateur certainly has hope to make big profits. To conclude, one would have to say that now is not just the right time to consider a career path in organic food; it might very well be the best time!

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