Nighttime Potty Training Session: Is it time?

Being a parent having your first baby, handling different "baby situations" is never easy. From letting your baby eat to sleeping, there are troubles we have to go through, as parents, before really getting there. One of the trickiest challenges I ever had to face was training my baby boy how to have potty breaks at night.

In the beginning, things were off to a rough start. He would cry all night, and we would check on him only to see his bed sheets wet or, he was just sleeping, and yet his bed sheet were still drenched!

Are you experiencing the same?


What is Potty Training?

Another term for potty training is toilet training. This is the time when your baby is old enough to pee on their own without calling for you to help them. When potty training incorporates into the baby's daily routines, bed sheets, diapers, and undergarments will surely be free from getting soaked!  

Is Nighttime potty training important?

Potty training, in general, is indeed essential. You do not want to dry off wet bed sheets forever, do you? Also, this may also cause late-at-night-baby-tantrums or even early in the morning wake-up calls since it is never a comfortable situation to sleep in with a wet diaper.

Being a parent, potty training for day and night is like a piece of candy that we, cannot live without. It helps us in getting a few things done without us getting too tired. Moreover, potty training can help us save water and detergent from all the bed covers we have to put in the laundry!

Daytime and nighttime potty training

Daytime and nighttime potty training can be both different, depending on the child’s adaptability and capability. It may be possible that your baby does not wet their diapers both during day and night. However, for some babies, it may be different, especially when potty breaks tend to disturb their sleep cycle. What’s more, nighttime potty training can be a lot trickier.

You are no longer there to monitor your baby’s well-being as much as you do during the daytime and your baby cannot prolong the agony of not being able to pee throughout 10-12 hours of rest.  

What are the signs that the baby is ready to be potty trained at night?

The right time for every baby is not the same as the other. It depends on the baby’s ways of adapting and developing. Nevertheless, there are several things every parent that should consider when potty training:

  • Age: 

    Most babies cannot start potty training until they reach 18 months and above. This is the time that they can already stand on their own and can most possibly pee and poo with less help by parents. Though your baby no longer wets their diaper during the daytime, it may be different when the moon takes the place of the sun. Even my three-year-old still wets his bed even though incidents like that do not happen during the daytime.
  • Dry Undies:

    When your baby wakes up from their sleep and sheets are dry, this can be a sign that they are ready to be potty trained. Furthermore, if your toddler wakes you up because they want to pee or poo, this means what the child observes around their surroundings, seeing that some of the kids are also doing the same. This is also one major sign that, indeed, your baby is ready to be potty trained.

Useful tips for nighttime potty training

  • Permanent Daytime Potty Training 

    It is always a systematic process. You can never skip one-step and jump to the next because when it comes to dealing with children, those things end up being a disaster. I know.

    Planned out daytime potties can make a difference by making your baby used to peeing in their own in times of crisis and can result in their undies and diapers safe from uncontrolled urination. Once they get used to this kind of training on sunny days, the next level would be for cold nights.

  • Do not sweat it. 

    Stressing about the process is never helpful to you or your baby. You need to have fun since the training itself is hard enough, and you will make it worse if you let it stress you out. 

  • Repetition

    In training your baby their nighttime potties, you cannot expect them to get the hang of it after doing it in a day’s work. It takes time. As for me, I repeated the process for a week or so; however; this is not true for all babies. It depends on how well they cope up. 

  • Potty Trays with Seats

    This can also help you in training your child in knowing what to do once they need to go to the toilet in the middle of the night. The potty tray will serve as a guide to the real toile, only it looks much cuter and is more colorful.

  • Handle the water intake (or any liquid for that matter)

    Controlling the intake of fluids can limit “wet incidents” during bedtime. Of course, as parents, we do not want our little ones to sleep on dirty crib sheets, do we? Make sure that your child gets to drink fluids 2 to 4 hours before going to bed. I tried doing this with my baby boy and the nights that followed began to get better.

  • Managing party breaks 
    Some parents prefer waking their child up in the middle of the night for the kids’ midnight “siesta” to ensure a dry mattress the next waking morning. I have not tried this with my child yet, but as I have discovered, parents set up a timer for their kids to know when they should go to the toilet. Do this daily during daytime as this can result in their party breaks getting alarms on their sleeping hours as well.  


We have all been children before. We have done the things as our kids now that eventually stressed our parents out before as well. We experienced peeing on our mattresses, and wetting our undies from uncontrollable “siestas.” Now, we get to be in our parents’ shoes.

I, for one, can say that it is not easy a parent and nighttime potty training takes a lot of work, but the award we get when our kid start going to the comfort room by themselves is a significant milestone for every parent out there.I hope the tips I have shared with you will be useful in potty training your adorable kids. It will be stressful and tiring, but we are parents after all. Do not give up! Stay positive until the bed sheets run dry!

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