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Nine Flowers That Will Make a New Mom and Baby Feel Special

Nothing beats a bouquet of amazing flowers as a congratulatory gift. Giving it to your mother on mother’s day, a sibling for a graduation, or a promotion. Will you be surprised that giving flowers when a new member of the family is born is an excellent choice as well? Instead of thinking of buying diaper bags for a gift, buy new baby flowers and you will learn what to pick. However, wait, did you give a gift a bouquet of yellow carnations, orange lilies, and petunias to a newborn child?

Do you know that doing so is rude? Let me explain to you then.

No matter how beautiful the flowers may look, always keep in mind that they might have disastrous meanings. Take Yellow Carnations for an example: They mean disappointment and disdain, but they still look so pretty and beautiful in a bouquet. You cannot resist the temptation to add them, can you? Hence, make sure you keep the meanings in mind.

Now I am sure that you may be wondering now about what flowers to give for your newborn niece without getting into a fight with the parents. Well, here is the list of flowers suited and perfect according to its meaning and beauty. Just perfect to give to the mother and child!



This flower is perfect as a gift. It means great beauty. Imagine if you gift it to the child. You are saying to him or her, “You will grow with splendid beauty.” How thoughtful of you! Though you may call it traditional, making the best flower arrangement to honor a new baby is still emotional. You better ask help from the flower shop for better presentation.

Amaryllis has two kinds; the white color and the red one. Either of the two are perfect for a gift. Personally, I want to give the white blossoms when the newborn is a boy, and the red one for the sweet girl.


It is really the meaning of the flowers that is of importance rather than their beauty or popularity when it comes to giving them as a gift. White Carnations mean pureness of love and innocence of being. They are beautiful when added to a bouquet, so why not try it out and see if it works. They say, “May you be greeted with pure love and captured by innocence.”

Besides, do you know that Carnation is the traditional flower for Mother’s day? Now I do not need to wait for that special day to offer Pink Carnations to a gorgeous mom who just gave birth. You can combine pink and white Carnations into a bouquet and bring it to the new mom to make her feel special.


Daisies are adorable. Even their meaning is cute. It means Loyal Love, Hope, Cheerfulness, Purity, and Innocence. When given, tell the receiver, “My love is loyal, you are my hope, be cheerful in the gloom, and pure.”

Besides these meanings, do you know that Daisies also means “I will never tell?” It is in relation to loyalty as well. Giving Daisies for a wife after giving birth is an expression of loyalty from the husband to his wife and at the same time welcoming the child so pure and innocent. Hence, to fathers-to-be, take note of that!


Gardenias belongs to the traditional list of flowers that are accepted as excellent as a gift. look like roses but make sure not to mistaken them with white roses, although white roses also have a subtle meaning. Gardenias are nothing but an utter compliment. Although it is generally a flower that fits various special occasions, it suits best given to mom and baby. They mean purity- due to its white color- sweetness, and joy.

They say, “You are lovely.” Nice right? However, Gardenia’s are lovely for birthdays. Hence, what is the best day to give it but on the day of giving birth? It surely suits for both the mother and the child. These flowers is gender neutral-option for a gift, but choosing a wood and wicker pot could represent a more masculine ambiance.

White Heather

If you give this to a child, you are so sweet. Well, you are if you gift it to anyone anyways. They mean protection, and your wishes will happen. They say, “I will protect you/ will be protected, stay wishful.”

But, on the other hand, White heather means “good luck” and “admiration” in England as declared by Queen Victoria. But what more is the closest word for a new born child? Truly, a new baby is worth admiring for! Good luck and protection is a combination of meanings that could win a battlefield!

Blue Iris

Blue Irises look pretty aesthetic. They are wonderful. They mean Faith and Hope. They say, “Stay faithful and hope will be with you.” You should probably gift it to the mother and father as well.

Although Blue Iris is fabulous to be given alone, it has this winning character of blending perfectly with other types of flower as well. It goes best with Tulips and Lilies in one arrangement. Yet, amidst these varieties of flowers, the Blue Iris will shine ever more just like the beauty of the mother that gave birth and the attention the baby gets on the day she/he is born.

White Iris

They are white, so you know what that means. The color of flowers give you a hint of what they say, so since its name is ‘white’ Iris, it means purity. However, you already know that white always holds true when it comes to the newborn’s innocence. What you are not familiar with is that white Iris symbolizes pink of health. Therefore, if you bring a bouquet of these flowers for a mom that just gave birth, that means you wish her to “get well” the soonest.

Lily of the Valley

The Lily of the Valley sounds like the white version of bluebells. They are small and, if you’d like, they can stand for the newborn child you want to give it to. They mean purity of heart and sweetness. They say, “May you be pure of heart and stay with sweetness.”

Because of its fragrance, Lily of the Valley is popular for perfumes, gardens, and flowers that grace memorable occasions. Giving birth is none but a special occasion that is not only memorable but a day that is going to be celebrated by the baby each year.


Daffodils are like stars. They shine bright in the sky and give you a spark of hope, new beginnings. Yes, they stand for new beginnings. You can give this flower to anyone who is starting a new life or having a new job. For an infant, they say, “You are the youth.” What a deep meaning that would make anyone want to cry.


Is this enough information to get by? The parents would be happy to find you care about the birth of the newborn. Especially since the flowers have meaning. Good luck!

Sarah Palmer

Hi! I'm Sarah. My husband and I have a beautiful little girl; plus we’re anxiously awaiting the arrival of Baby #2, so this is a very exciting time for us. Throughout this amazing journey called Parenthood, I’ve learned so much and love sharing my experiences with other parents at SarahsLovelyFamily.com. I'd love to share my discoveries with you too!

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