The Top 5 Nursing Cups that Makes Breastfeeding Easy

The truth is, I had plenty of help to make breastfeeding a breeze for me. It sure is one of the most wonderful experience for a mother. But frankly, nursing is painful, out of my comfort zone and is often a challenge for me. Good thing a friend suggested that I use nursing cups to make it better and enjoyable.

However, I bet most of the mothers out there feels the same way as I did. Find out why nursing cups are useful and know which among many would suit you best.

Stay with me.


Are you familiar with nursing cups?

Compared to nursing pads that you are aware of, nursing cups are a lot convenient and useful in many ways. Nursing cups are also called breast shells, breast shields, and milk cups are practical breastfeeding aids to solve leaking all day. Place the cups inside the bra like the traditional nursing pads.

Instead of absorbing it like what pads do, it catches and stores milk so that you can feed it to your baby later.

The advantages of using nursing cups:

You should take note of the benefits a nursing cup can do when you’re breastfeeding. It gave me the comfort and convenience that I need on crucial days. Here are some reasons why I recommend this to you.

  • It catches your milk during heavy letdowns and saves it for later. You can use it anytime and anywhere.
  • It saves you time for breast pump since you have additional stock of milk. The more milk, the fewer expenses.
  • Nursing cups catches and holds the milk safely, so it prevents your shirt from getting wet. No more wet and stained shirts mean goodbye to embarrassing moments.
  • Enables baby to latch on quickly. Nursing cups provide relief to swollen and engorged breasts. Aside from applying nipple creams, it is better to prevent it from occurring.
  • Keeps the nipples from sticking into the nursing pads or bras. Nursing cups are reusable, durable and cost-effective.
  • A remedy for nipple pain and corrects inverted nipple.

Five (5) Best Nursing Cups that I Highly Recommend

Looking for comfort and convenience when nursing your little one? As I have mentioned, nursing cups can be your nearest solution. O-cal-ette nursing cups offers all the advantages a breast shell can give.

Remember to keep your bra well-fit so the shell will attach tightly to the skin. Aside from the fact that it’s simple to use, it sure is easy to clean too. If you notice, the cups are just a little bit smaller to your bra pads, have one tiny hole in the middle, and a fine, perfect seal. Because of its size, it’s hardly noticeable to wear.

Moms who have tried this nursing cup have saved an average of an ounce of milk daily. If you leak more than that, you might want to own two sets of it as a spare.

For us modern moms that are always on the go, there is no better solution for breastfeeding discomforts that could stress our day but the Lactic-cups nursing cups. Do you know that these cups can save up to four (4) ounces of your breastmilk? That’s a lot of savings!

Simply place Lactic-cups onto the nipple under your bra with the spout facing up. The nursing cups’ concave and soft round shape imitates the breast thus making it fit comfortably upon use. I tell you, these cups apply to any size as long as you use a well-fit bra. Take note that the cups do not have a suction or sticks.

I advise to check the cups every 2 hours and transfer the amount of milk collected. Check the package upon opening since Lactic-cups have provided instructions on how to store breast milk the proper way.

Milkelle breastmilk collection shells or sometimes called as milk savers have an especial designed AIR-VENT/spout for comfort when worn and additional convenience when transferring them to bottles. These vents permit airflow so the nipples can be ventilated and heal quicker. The leak-proof cups apply to any bra size, and each one can catch 20ml of your breastmilk.

It is guaranteed to be 100% food grade silicone and BPA-Free PP (outer shell.) The soft silicone helps the cup collector to stay in one place. No need for you to be conscious of displacement.

So if you are currently breastfeeding, expecting or planning to be a mom, I recommend that you invest in these nursing cups. It does not only saves money but also helps lessen the pain that comes with nursing.

Every single drop of mother’s milk is like gold that should not be a waste. That’s why we’ve found a way to collect them even when you are not currently feeding. These Breast Shells prevents nipples from friction and is a relief for nipple engorgement.

Unexpected letdowns? No pressure! With these milk savers, no need to worry about icky wet shirts. Specifically, a 100% food grade material, these nursing cups are BPA-free, soft and safe silicone. With this, it’s easy to clean and sterilize, handy and reusable.

This nursing cups can hold an average of 3 ounces, but I advise not to wait till it’s full. On my experience, I find it hard to transfer my saved milk into the bottle without spilling. What’s great, you can use this ahead even when you’re still pregnant serving as a nipple shield for your tender nipples.

Are you looking for a remedy for those sore, cracked nipples? Philips Avent Breast shells have ventilated inner shell and a silicone cushion pad that gently presses on the areola, stimulating gradual drops of milk. Both the silicone shells and the pad are dishwasher safe. It can even withstand heat from sterilizing through steaming or boiling.

This does not only works as nursing cups when you are up and about. It’s also useful during breastfeeding. You can place the breast shell on the non-nursing breast to catch the letdown while you are feeding your baby with the other. Doing so will give you clean and stress-free nursing.

Philips Avent Breast Shells have plenty of benefits for a nursing mom, so it’s best to make use of it especially during the first few months of breastfeeding when you are still adjusting and coping up with being a mom.

Mommy Tips to Make Your Nursing Cups a Better Experience

  • Better practice opening your shells first. Figuring out on how to do so when they’re already full would be a bit messy.Your bra matters. Use the kind that snugs well so not to displace the nursing cups.
  • These nursing cups are useful when you are on the go. Using it during sleeping may cause leaks. Empty the cups as often as possible. Don’t wait for it to get full. Otherwise, it will leak.
  • Worried about the odd-looking shape that shows when worn? Place extra pad inserts to make it look natural. Own at least two pairs. Wash one while wearing the spare and do not lean over too far to avoid spillage.

Final Thoughts

Nursing cups are practical and economical for a breastfeeding mom. Being busy, mothers deserve to have a little help from our nursing cups. Remember that every drop of mom’s milk is precious. Hence the invention of this product.

Now, we can finally say goodbye to milk wastage. Say goodbye to breast pads and invest in nursing cups!

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