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Outdoor Activities for Your Baby within Your Budget

Babies are not hard to please. In fact, I don’t need much effort to make them laugh. They are simple, pure and innocent. In this age, it is best to take advantage and grab all the chance to spend time with them. You see, going outdoors with them doesn’t demand a lot of expense.

Here are outdoor activities for your baby that is within your budget. Quality time with your family doesn’t have to be expensive. All you need is time and a little bit of creativity.


Six Outdoor Activities for Your Baby within Your Budget

Playing outdoors with your baby needs not only your patience and time but your imagination as well. Sometimes, the simple things that interest your baby do not cost a penny.

1. Early Morning at the Beach

Early Morning at the Beach

In where we live, a nearby beach is clean and safe for children. Going there only takes fifteen minutes by foot, and my kids enjoy our early morning walks before we reach the white sands. I give my toddlers two hours of fun building sand castles, looking for shells and playing with starfish.

Before the heat of the sun hurts, we go back home while they pick flowers along the way. Not a single penny spent for this outdoor activity. I just pack our breakfast, grab a mat and off we go. My little ones are looking forward to this every weekend.

2. A walk in the Park

A walk in the Park

Babies need a little diversion to keep them entertained. Therefore, I make it a routine to bring her outdoors before napping time. I walk her to the park every afternoon to satisfy her curious mind until she goes tired.

Make sure to use a baby carrier that is comfortable for her to sleep well. There is no need to spend on this outdoor activity. Just bring your baby necessities (wipes, a bottle of milk, diapers) and a comfortable stroller, and then you are good to go. Do you know that this became a routine for other moms and me to catch up and have fun?

3. Grocery Time

I know that you may raise your brow when I suggest this activity. However, with a little precaution, this could be fun. I pick the biggest cart in the supermarket that is spacey enough to hold my little one. She loves to see the colorful fruits and favorite food in the alley.

I usually let her hold a pack of her favorite biscuits to make her happy. Riding the cart is fun for babies; hence, I pretend to drive the cart fast. Any situation or place can be a playground for a baby; just use your imagination. Do you think you will spend much on this activity?

4. Camping

bringing your baby for camping

Are you having second thoughts on bringing your baby for camping? Exposing your child to nature early helps in their awareness of the environment. It will familiarize them with the sound and sceneries that only nature can give. They will be able to tell the difference between a city and the mountains at an early age.

You do not need to worry. With all the new gears and comfortable, handy shelters available for camping, your baby will be safe. Besides, bringing a baby around could be fun. Bringing a baby in camp does not mean you will spend that much.

5. Kiddie Club

Kiddie Club

I was an excited mom, so as soon as my baby knows how to play, I let her join a kiddie club. The kids have activities twice a week that includes playing in the playground facilities, feeding, swimming, listening to stories and music. I paid for the annual membership and spent a few bucks for the food during the activity. It was not much, but she met friends, learned to interact and play with others.

Try to check if there is a kiddie club near you. Choose the one that has many sponsors so that you will only pay a minimum amount for membership.

6. Dinner Out

Twice a month, we make sure that we dine out together. This could be a little difficult at first, with the mess and the noise. It’s sometimes embarrassing to disturb other diners as well. However, when your baby gets the hang of it, it will come out as a natural activity for her.

My baby threw a tantrum the first time we dined out. She got irritated with the people around and was furious when she can’t grab food. Nevertheless, on her fourth try, she began to mellow down. Eventually, babies learn to behave when they are familiar with the place and the situation.

It is never too early to train your baby to be comfortable in public places.


You do not need to prepare bigtime to give your baby a blast outdoors. Sometimes, the ordinary things can be a fairytale for the innocent minds. You can make your routines an adventure for them and the environment their whole playground. You only need to be creative to let it happen.

Remember these outdoor activities for your baby within your budget. I am sure; you can add more on my list. Would you care to share?

Sarah Palmer

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