Eight Signs that Your Child Needs Emergency Dental Care

It is vital that as a parent, you know when to call for help during medical situations. Most households often neglect the importance of dental concerns. Tight budget mostly is the problem why families treat these situations lightly. If you do the research, you will be happy to discover that plenty of emergency dentists can accommodate your urgent request with modest fees. 

However, do you know that certain dental conditions need immediate attention? It is vital to be proactive when you want your family to be safe and free from complications. Being diligent to dental appointments is not enough.  If you think your child needs urgent dental care, do not hesitate to call for help. Hence, learn the signs when you need emergency dental care!

When do you need to call for urgent dental care?

It would not be much of a concern when adults need attention. You, as one knows when to call for an emergency. When it comes to your little ones, it could be challenging to tell. Here are some hints to know that your child needs your dentist the most.

Fragmented or cracked teeth

Kids are hyperactive and clumsy during the early years. They have not mastered balancing yet and may encounter small accidents. Broken teeth are common to occur. If this happens, make sure to find and pick up all the pieces of your child’s tooth. Gather all of it if you can. The use of dental wax to protect the sharp edges of the tooth can aid in preventing more injuries inside the mouth.

Knocked-out Teeth 

Bring your child to the dentist right away. The knocked-out tooth needs dentist evaluation as soon as possible. For your teens, you can put the tooth back to its hole after a thorough cleaning. Make sure to use warm water during washing and be gentle in putting it back. 

However, NEVER put back a knocked-out tooth to your little ones. The danger of them swallowing it is high. I recommend calling an emergency dentist for further instructions.

Severe toothache and pressure

Toothache is stressful not only to the child but also for you. I wish I could take the pain for myself every time my child has one. If you notice that your child starts complaining about pain and discomfort, do not wait for it to get worse. Usually, a toothache is a combination of pain felt in the area near the affected tooth radiating to the ear.

Sensitive Tooth

 Like you, kids suffer from sensitive tooth too. However, for older children and adults, the sensitivity may be the result of a dental cavity or injury. For your little ones, baby teeth that hurt may be the culprit.

Dental Abscess

A dental abscess is a painful infection that starts in your tooth’s root part. If your child has one, you will notice puffy gums, fever, or a weird and bad taste in the mouth. If you suspect an abscess, your child needs dental medication urgently. The infection may spread out to other parts of the body if left untreated.

Loose Fillings, or are they gone?

Have you ever experienced loose fillings? Or lost ones? Dislodged fillings are the cause of making it free or lost. If this is the case, then call for a dental appointment immediately.

Orthodontic Pain and Injuries

Discomfort because of braces is common. Mostly, adolescents are the ones who experience this pain the most since they are in an age that is best to correct any teeth deformation. Emergency Dentists can alleviate the pain by adjusting the braces to the right fit.

Damaged Tooth Enamel

Worn tooth enamel is also a reason why your child suffers from tooth sensitivity. Damaged tooth enamel occurs because of particular habits like using hard toothbrushes, grinding, and other causes. Ask help from pediatric dentists to strengthen your children’s tooth enamel.

How to react when the situation is complicated or severe?

If your child wakes up one day with severe swelling around the face and gums, bleeding in the area near the tooth that is uncontrollable, an unexpected injury involving the teeth, jawline, face, and head, you need to dial your emergency dental care number. This situation requires you to be alert to avoid worse conditions. I need you to think clearly and calm yourself to prevent mistakes. Listen to the instructions given by the dentist properly. Do as it says to avoid more damage.


It is critical to learn how to identify a typical situation from an emergency condition. As a parent, your child needs your presence of mind and fast reaction. Hence, make sure you have the contact information of your emergency dentist. Having a first aid medical kit may come in handy too. Most of the time, all the kids got is only YOU. Do what is necessary. 

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