How To Help Your Dog If They Have Anxiety

As a mom, you might want your children to become dog lovers because dogs can help shape their personality. However, if your dog unusually barks, paces, pants, trembles, hides, or licks excessively, he might be anxious and can be fearsome of your children too. Yes, dogs, like humans, also suffer from anxiety. 

But why do dogs become anxious? There are many reasons why dogs become anxious, stemming from factors such as loud noises due to fireworks or being separated from you (separation anxiety) when you leave for work or travel. So, how do you help your dogs if they become anxious? Continue reading below to find out more. 

Consult a Veterinarian

The best person who can help you diagnose if your dog is suffering from anxiety is a veterinarian. Not all dogs who show the above-mentioned signs are anxious. Sometimes, those signs are manifestations of boredom. 

If verified that your dog suffers from anxiety, the veterinarian will be prescribing some medications and provide you expert tips to reduce your dog’s anxiety level. Also, you can ask about giving your dog CBD oil in treating anxiety. Also, CBD treats can work for dogs with anxiety, most especially dogs who don’t want the taste of pure CBD. 

Get Your Dog to be Physically and Mentally Active 

With modern man’s fast-paced lifestyle, almost the majority of time is devoted to working. Pet owners sometimes don’t have time to stay active and so as their dogs. That’s why dogs may exhibit destructive behaviors due to separation anxiety. Getting your dogs physically and mentally active will help reduce stress and anxiety in dogs.

Here are some tips and tricks to keep your dog stay active:

  • Go for long walks with your furry friend.
  • Play games with your dogs to build confidence.
  • Train your dog new tricks.
  • Introduce new activities, places, animals, and people to your dog to avoid social anxiety.

Tame Your Dog with Music

Music can be a very good stress therapy for humans, and so as for dogs. Reduce dog anxiety by playing tension-taming tunes. Classical music such as Mozart and Beethoven are believed to help reduce stress and anxiety in dogs. You might be surprised how music can be relaxing for you and your pets.

Here are the best music themes recommended for dogs to help relieve anxiety:

  • Soft rock
  • Reggae 
  • Pop
  • Jazz

Create a Predictable Routine for Your Dog

Like humans, dogs are somehow resistant to changes. Unexpected events or situations could lead to stress and anxiety. That’s why one solution to relieve dog anxiety is by creating a predictable routine. For instance, set a schedule or time when your dog will be eating, going outdoors, or play with your dog to let him feel less nervous and more confident. By doing so, you avoid separation anxiety. 

Massage Therapy for Dogs

Babies love being touched and so as your pets. Pets love touch, and you can ease your dog’s aggression and anxiety with massage therapy. Animals love petting, making them stay calmer during uncomfortable or stressful situations, such as drawing blood for laboratory exams or getting shots.

Here are the other benefits of massage therapy for dogs that are also related to reducing their anxiety level:

  • Pain relief
  • Increase blood oxygenation
  • Improve flexibility
  • Reduce arthritis 
  • Ease muscle tension 
  • Improve immune system

Reduce Social Anxiety through Gradual Exposure

Dogs are naturally sociable, but some dogs experience social anxiety, like when you take your dog to go to the veterinarian, walk through crowds, stroll around the park, or visit your friends’ homes. Social anxiety develops due to a lack of socialization. 

Signs of social anxiety in dogs include aggressive behavior, like barking, jumping, or growling toward another animal or a person. Your dog may appear fearful or timid, drooling, panting, whining, or screeching. Another manifestation that a dog is anxious is if he climbs onto you or he tries to escape through closed windows or open doors. Anxious dogs may also display aggression. Also, an anxious dog may poo or pee unexpectedly.

Caring for puppies is like taking care of young children too. As young as possible, expose your dogs to different sounds, places, and people so they’ll perceive these things as a normal part of life. However, if your dog already has social anxiety, gradually exposing your dog to new events, places, or to strangers will help reduce the signs and symptoms of social anxiety. Don’t rush your dog to take or learn all new things because doing so will just cause more fear. 


Consulting a veterinarian should be your utmost priority if your dog shows signs of anxiety so proper medications can be given and for you to get expert advice on conservative treatments available, like CBD supplementation. Also, you can help your anxious dogs through music therapy, massage therapy, and keeping them physically and mentally active. 

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