Six Cleaning Tips for Getting Rid of Your Pet’s Mess

I adore my dogs. They keep me company at home and outdoors. I also believe that having a dog around with kids has a significant impact on their personality. 

Training a dog depends on how passionate you are. However, as a downside, the challenge of cleaning the house every day is overwhelming. The effort and time I spend just to get rid of my pet’s mess stress me out. 

I have some cleaning tips that you may find helpful to solve the issue. If we are on the same boat, I bet that you should try it too.

Tips for Getting Rid of Your Pet’s Mess

Here are some simple and practical solutions for a messy home caused by loving pets. When done right, you will keep your house always clean and smelling fresh.

1. Groom your pet first

The best way to minimize house mess caused by pets is to take care of the source first. Are you sick of those sticking, flying and rolling pet fur? Take care of your pet. 

Brushing your dog or cat daily will minimize the shedding a lot. Take those loose hairs first before it starts falling down the floor and scatters all over. This way, all you need to do after is to clean all that you’ve missed. I recommend doing regular shaving of your pet for good grooming.

2. Vacuum Cleaning

Vacuum Cleaning

Falling hairs can be annoying. When my Husky sheds, puffy balls of dog hair can be found anywhere in the house. When not cleaned properly, it sticks to the clothes, rolls under the furniture and sprinkles all over the floor.

Cleaning all the annoying fur manually will take the most of your precious time. I suggest that you invest in the best vacuums to clean pet hair. Vacuum cleaning is fast and easy. It can pick up even the smallest strand of hair.

3. The Use of Baking Soda

Owning a four-legged pet does not mean your house should be stinky. If you allow your pet to stay on the sofa and bed, naturally your environment will eventually smell like a dog. But do you know that a little sprinkle of baking soda on certain areas will freshen it up and eliminate the bad smell?

Let the baking soda stay on the sofa, cushions, and bed for twenty minutes. It would be enough time to absorb the odor. Vacuum it all after.

4. Rubber Gloves to Clean Pet Fur 

Rubber Gloves to Clean Pet Fur

Using rubber gloves to get rid of the fur is very practical. Damp the gloves first before application. Wipe away dog hairs from the surface of the sofa or bed. As you run your hands over, the fur will stick into the damp gloves making it easier for you to throw it out.

This method only works well with few strands of fur and on upholstered furniture. If you don’t have rubber gloves, a moist sponge will also do the trick. For clusters of fur at home, it’s best to use a trusted vacuum cleaner.

5. Pee stain remover

Urine and poop are part of loving a pet. If you have a dog, you can relate. Get rid of the stinky smell of urine by making a pee stain remover. Just mix water and dish soap to make a solution. Dip a clean fabric into the solution and use it to blot out the mess.

You can also dash the stained areas with white vinegar and water mixture.

6. Roll of Tape and Lint Rollers

Are you frustrated about those pet hairs that stick on your coat? It takes too long to get those furs from my jacket, and it drags me down especially if I am tight on time. I place lint rollers near my door for convenience. They are efficient in taking off pet hairs off my clothes in a jiffy.

When I don’t have lint rollers, a roll of tape works just the same. Masking tape, packaging tape or any type of adhesive tape will do. It will take a bit longer and more tape usage though.


Although I accept that raising a baby and taking care of pets at home is quite a task for a mom, I am proud to say that I found a way to make things work out. Sharing these cleaning tips to get rid of my pet‘s mess is what I go through every day. I never say it’s easy, but taking the challenge is worth it.

Remember, there are practical solutions to common pet problems at home. Cleaning their mess is one of them. Try the tips I shared with you, and I guarantee that it will make your days easier. But well, of course, I wait for some suggestions that you may share with me too!

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