Some Effective Time-Saving Hacks for New Moms

It’s no surprise that a baby’s need will always come first. Despite being so small, they demand an immense amount of attention. New parents, especially moms suffer the most.

The itty-bitty little piece of you will need constant care and supervision. And before you know can even take a break, the entire day will have gone by.

Many moms sacrifice more than just sleep just to make sure the baby is comfortable – even personal hygiene.

It’s smart to plan things ahead, make a to-do list, or create a routine which you can follow with ease. That being said, here are some easy and manageable time-saving hacks for a new mom.

1. Set Your Priorities Straight

Your newborn is #1 in your list of priorities right now and it will stay that way for a while. You are caring for someone who cannot take care of themselves yet. It’s not possible for you to be prioritizing something else when all your time and attention is being spent after your baby.

It can be difficult to say no. You might feel like you are upsetting the people in your life, but your comes first. There will be time enough for you to go out again, meet up with friends, and do everything else that you used to do. Friends and family will understand. They are always going to be there for you. 

But for now, your baby demands all your time and attention. Learn to say no to everything else until your baby has gotten used to a certain pattern.

2. Save Time, Bathe Together!

Let’s face it, with a newborn in the house you clearly do not have time for a bath. What you can do is take the bath together with your baby. This way you are saving time and water! Even though this sounds difficult to accomplish: Have your partner be near you when you are getting out of the tub with your baby. Your partner can take the baby from you while you finish up as well.

Another brilliant time-saving hack is to use paper plates. The first few months of caring for a newborn will be hectic. You will have no time to do the dishes while the baby is crying. Stock up on paper plates. Easy to throw them away after use. It saves a lot of time.

Doing your laundry is a boring chore. Even more so when you find yourself doing them twice a day. Wash all the clothes, including your baby’s, together. This will not only save your precious time but will also conserve your energy.

3. Asking for Help

You know how everyone is always saying to call them if you need any help? Well, now’s the time to call them. Ask for help. It’s tough being a mom and you can’t possibly do everything by yourself. 

Ask your partner to help out with chores around the house. Break down responsibilities and any other tasks to the people offering to help you. If your partner can cook ask them to take on the task. Even if your partner can’t cook, ask a friend or a relative to help with the cooking for a while. 

You need supplies, your baby needs diapers and a lot more. Just simply assign grocery shopping duties to your partner. 

There’s no shame in asking for help. Every bit of effort counts – big or small. This will give you a lot of breathing room and more time to focus on your newborn.

4. Organize!

It’s best to get into the habit of organizing. Being organized can go a long way for a new mom. Make a list of things you need to do the night before. This way you can take a look at the list and start your day accordingly.

Take the help of technology! Mark doctor’s appointments according to their time and date. Your Smartphone will alert you an hour before the appointment.

It’s easy to forget where you misplaced your keys. Maybe you wrote something important down while you were on the phone but now you can’t find the piece of paper. Place a bowl or hang some hooks near the door to place your keys after you get home. Make sure they’re visible and easy to find. Use post-it notes when you’re writing something important down.

Getting organized is a brilliant time hack that saves you from a lot of stress. It’s best to know what is important and what is not. Then divide them up into a list and follow it. Since your baby is your first priority now make a list of to-do things related to the baby.

Try to accomplish at least two things from the list every day. Soon you will fall into a habit of making lists and following them through.

5. Take Care of Yourself

This is probably the most important part of the whole article. You need time for yourself, period. Having a baby and getting used to all the hassle can put a strain on your already exhausted body. There’s no need to stress out so much.

Give yourself at least 20 minutes a day to relax. Take care of yourself. It doesn’t have to be something major. Small things like taking a nap, reading a book or a magazine, listening to some music, watching random TV or just take a nice hot shower. The goal is to make time for yourself.

Do something that you like every day and you’ll feel more energized and happy. Self-care is key to surviving these first few months of having a baby.


It can be hard, being a new mom. There’s an endless list of possibilities that things might go wrong. But if you plan things ahead, you can be prepared to tackle anything.

Implementing even one of these hacks will result in a fresh and positive mindset. Remember to always ask for help and take the time to look after yourself!


This article has been contributed by Stepheny on behalf of FeedFond. She is a mother of two and loves to share hacks that will make your life easier. Check out more of her work at

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