5 Constructive Activities Your Kids Would Love

Within the busy schedules of parents nowadays and the boom of electronic games, your children’s daily activities could be more immersed in video games, remote-controlled toys, or worse, hours of watching TV. As a mom, I am particular on how my child spends his free time and makes sure that no matter how short or long it may be, activities involved within the day should be constructive and at the same time, entertaining. Do you have the same concerns as me?

Hence, I carefully choose the activities that my little one will do for her weekends. I prepare games and toys that can stimulate my child’s creativity, analysis, alertness, discipline, and focus. Let me share with you 5 activities that my girl calls her favorites.


Do not underestimate the power of colors. This past time is mostly introduced to school because it develops the ability of your child’s finger to grip the crayons well. It is an introduction to learn how to use a pencil for writing. The process aids the kids to hold the pencil the right way and strengthen the muscles of the hands, fingers, and wrist. During the activity, your kid will establish focus and concentration as she colors the objects in the coloring book.

Aside from that, it is the best way to teach your kid to recognize the different kinds of colors, combinations, and how to use them. You can find plenty of coloring books like for cars in bookstores and toy stores. Besides, these resources are less expensive than electronic gadgets.

Building Blocks

LEGO is one of the most popular constructive toys not only for young minds but for the young at heart too. LEGO often is a choice for children to play because of its capability to give your little one the freedom to build the world from her thoughts. Any construction that your child makes from her imagination is a masterpiece. It would be completely unique than those that experts can offer.

Building blocks strengthens your baby’s hand muscles, especially in the fingers. It also helps enhance eye-hand coordination. Besides, through this, she will learn to recognize different kinds of shapes. If you encourage your child to play these toys with friends, being cooperative will be one of her great values someday.

Playing Dough

As the building blocks, using the dough could be equally fun, as well. Forming different shapes out of dough powers your ability to create. Dough is more flexible than blocks. Since it is soft, you can even form people and animals out of it. It is more fun knowing that you can choose any colors available and even mix them. The process of squishing, smashing, twisting, pulling and cutting strengthens the hand muscles as well.

However, playing dough can calm a child down and could be an excellent stress reliever. Just remember that it is best to encourage your girl to be open about her ideas and designs. If you do not have the dough, clay works perfectly fine too. One’s imagination is the most powerful builder.

Science Experiments

Do you know that Science Experiments are not just for school? They are not that boring either. Search for educational and simple ones that kids can safely perform. The storm in a glass experiment never fails to widen my little girl’s eyes.

Try letting them make a volcano and milk arts as well. You will find the kids to want to do it again and again. Take note that during the activities, kids need adult supervision.

Educational Videos

You know, all my kids grew up with the same videos at home. JUMPSTART is an example of an educational video that will prepare your child for school. It does not only contain all aspects like math, science, grammar, music, and arts, but it also offers fun and entertainment. Your child will learn the basics while enjoying the stories along with it.

Videos are the easiest way to catch your child’s attention. And honestly, less tiring for the parents too. However, limit the time your kids spend on screen and establish an appropriate schedule for this.


These activities on my list are best for mental development and strengthen the muscles of the hands. Anything those little hands build would always end up to be amazing. Encourage your child how to make friends, to believe that she can build the world out from her thoughts. I hope that you can promote the use of constructive toys to your children as well. Anything for the development of mental, emotional and physical development for your child.

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