7 Chances of Getting Free Baby Stuff Today

It’s music to the ears hearing that there are items given for FREE. It’s natural for mothers who find a way to stretch the budget at home. Along with the precious little one, comes plenty of benefits and surprises.

The world understands the role of a mother taking care of a newborn. Cheer up, help is everywhere, even on the least that you expect it to be! Free stuff is a lifesaver whether I am expecting, a new mom or preparing for my fourth. It does not need to be difficult when it comes to transition.

Here are how to get the chance of getting free baby stuff today!

Seven Chances to get free Baby Stuff

Baby supplies are expensive, and when the budget is tight, I wish I could have it all free. Later on, I found ways to make it possible. If you want to try new products or simply need to enjoy free items, check this out!

1. Baby Diapers for Free

Free diapers are the most common free item that you can enjoy. As part of their promotion, they give it free especially when they are launching a new type of product. Supermarkets usually do this like the recent Walmart Baby Box giveaways. If you are interested, find out more about it here.

You can actually request free diaper samples, join reward programs, and signing up for the diaper manufacturer’s mailing list are some ways to receive freebies.

2. Baby Formula for Free

Baby Formula for Free

Check out the nearest Walmart and baby formula companies for promos and freebies for your baby’s milk. Do you know that when you’re lucky enough, they even give free full- size container baby formula upon request? Well, on top of receiving an additional supply of your baby’s milk, you can also try out new products that may be better than your baby’s current formula.

3. Free Baby Magazine Subscriptions

When I was pregnant, I tried signing up to some Baby Magazines to update myself on what’s new about baby products. Try to find out how to avail of the privilege. In my time, the magazine comes by mail. I love reading baby magazines since they post tips and stories on how to take care of newborns.

4. Free Baby Medicines and Vitamins

Our family pediatrician has been with my family since my first-born. When she has new samples for baby paracetamols and vitamins, she makes it a point to call me and ask to pick it up. Med Representatives give free samples to doctors each time they make a sales visit.

Your health centers give free medicines, vaccines, and vitamins too. Give them a call and ask for the schedule. They have a specific budget for it each year.

5. Baby Shower

It’s nice to have friends and family members who care for you. I did not get to experience a baby shower until my second baby. I guess baby showers are not yet common when I had my first. What’s great with baby showers?

I got to receive free stuff for my baby even before she’s born. What’s more, people gave me a chance to write down what I need before the baby comes. I end up having fun during the party; and before the night is done, I have all I need and even more for my baby.

6. Create a Baby Registry

I love the idea of creating a baby registry. I learned about this from a dear friend. A baby register is a list of products that I need to buy for my upcoming baby. Certain retail stores accept this arrangement in the hope for more sales.

Since all my baby stuff will come exclusively from them, they give you a free package with baby stuff in it as a thank you gesture from choosing their store. Your friends who want to congratulate you can check your registry and buy from the same store too. Some stores offer gift cards instead of items.

7. Trade-off

asked for a trade-off

This idea came up when I was preparing the nursery, and I need space for the new baby. Instead of putting up a garage sale for my unwanted stuff, I called friends who got children and asked for a trade-off. I traded some of my bags, books, videos, and other household stuff for their children’s hand-me-downs.

It worked well! I even got some bathtub, toys, baby carrier, diapers, and blankets.


There are many ways wherein you can get free stuff for your baby. You would not know if you would not ask around. Once you know, you will realize how much you have missed by not taking the chances. It could be formula, diapers, juice, vitamins, medicine, or clothes, but whatever it may be, you can have it free!

Babies are adorable, but we can’t deny the fact that they are expensive. If you have any way to get baby stuff free that’s not in my list, would you share it? You can share this article as well to all your friends who might like items free.

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