9 Tips for Stress-Free Travel with Kids

Flying with kids is no joke especially if it is your first time. Exposing your kids to traveling has its advantages, but you might be worried on how to cope up when not all go as planned. Have you thought about what to do when suddenly one of them got sick or how to put things in order while waiting for a delayed flight, or worse, canceled?

I will be honest to say, it is never easy with little ones, but for sure, it is not that bad either. My tips will help you get back to sanity and stay as cool and calm all throughout the entire trip.

1. Be familiar with the airline’s rules, regulations, and charges

Being a guardian of a bunch of hyperactive toddlers could be a handful. I suggest that before going, learn ahead of the rules and regulations of the airline including charges when bringing along kids. You will discover that you might find some regulations common among all airlines, but you will always find something different one way or another.

When you find yourself dealing with flight cancellation or delays, do not stress yourself out on the hassles of getting your money back. Know that when this happens, Flybe: Flight Delay Compensation Guidelines on how to claim a refund exists to assist you about this. Read here: https://medium.com/@traveld/flybe-flight-delay-compensation-guidelines-on-how-to-claim-a-refund-e511eb181c9f

2. You need a plan

Per my experience, there is no such thing as overly prepared. I tell you that planning puts all situations in order and gives you peace of mind even when problems arise. I recommend being generous with the snacks and ensuring availability of other necessities like diapers, milk, and even wet wipes. I do not mind bringing the extras like medicine, clothes, and even toys.

3. Prepare games to keep your kids occupied

Do you know your children’s favorite board games? Any games that can keep the kids focused and quiet in one corner is the best. Choose the kind that will not create noise but will last all throughout the flight.

You will be lucky if you have yourself a bookworm. Tossing a couple of new books to your children can transport them to another world of their own.

4. Keep both of your hands free

When I travel with my kids, as much as possible, I need both my hands to be free. Then I can easily grab my kid from knocking off a passenger’s luggage or from running ahead to the escalator. In fact, I make it a point to hold their hands all the time if I can.

5. Do the old dad’s trick

Children love to sit on their daddy’s broad shoulder all the time. If you do not find this too much when traveling, you can try this old dad’s trick just to keep your child in the mood for the trip. Besides, other than the absence of screaming and tantrums, your kid is not getting anywhere.

6. Each one got their own travel backpack

Teaching your kids how to pack their things also conditions their minds about the trip. Let them decide what to pack to keep them occupied while traveling. You will see that one would pick up his favorite toy and others will theirs as well. Give them individual pocket money is practical too, in case of emergency, or just to have a little amount in their wallets to buy something from stores nearby.

7. Arrive early

Knowing you have kids to bring along, it is a good idea to arrive at the airport early to check in. It will be an utter nightmare to be running with kids and baggage just to catch a flight. Give your family a time to relax by checking in early and calm down before boarding the plane.

8. Choosing the right flight is wise

Be a genius and book the flight that is normally a sleeping time for the kids. Their body clock will tell them to slumber on these hours. When all your kids are sleeping, you have yourself time for your own.

9. Toilet stops

Schedule toilet stops within your plan. You can make toilet stops the moment you arrive at the airport so they will stay put the whole time while waiting for the boarding hour. Take another stop before the boarding time to keep them in their seats all throughout the travel.


You may be all focused on your kids that you tend to forget all about yourself. You must prepare yourself physically and mentally in this adventure. Taking care of the family as a whole picture is essential when in transit. Be in your best form, and all will fall into place.

Do not worry, there is always a first time. Hence, I share with you some practical tips to guide you along the way. The next time you travel, it will be a piece of cake!

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