Graduation Announcements Without Photo: Last Hurrah in Style

A bit excited about graduations? Now is the perfect time to send out graduation announcements for dear graduating students you have in mind. And if it so happens that you are the happy graduate, is the graduation party already in place? The latest trend right now are customized graduation announcements without photos.

With the right design and place, large variety of styles and creativity, there is an endless amount of options for you to choose from that fits the special event. Would you like to know more?

Graduation Announcements without Photos

Graduation announcements are stylishly formatted documents designed in a way to present the details of a student’s graduation. There are many details to add when it comes to graduation announcements. Without photos, these elements are what are emphasized. The features mentioned can be:

1. Contact of the figure in charge

2. Location of the event

3. Time of when the celebration will occur

4. Name of the graduation student

5. Other details depending on your choice

When talking about graduation announcements without photos, it refers to the form in which the focus would be on the details of the graduation. This concept has become the latest trend as it brings about the design created within the format and given a sophisticated look.

Different Kinds of Style Designs for Graduation Announcements

There are numerous various kinds of designs to choose from, but here are five of the current popular picks.

1. Elegant

Elegant designs cover a classy vibe. Usually, this design would hold different fonts of calligraphy, including cursive. It uses a thinner font to bring about that sophistication as the words flow over pages limited to specific colors, the colors usually being a variation of gold, one pure tone, and black, it brings about an image that is easy on the eye. Not at all flashy, but a product that brings about grace.

2. Colorful

A colorful design has all the shapes and colors popping around the paper. With this style, the emotion of happiness and excitement will flow in the graduation announcement. The fonts that this style will usually have are usually a playful kind that can bring about a sketchy style or a bubbly look. Arranging the numerous shapes in the format in a way that will liven up the details of the announcement can emphasize the emotions.

3. Cute

When it comes to attractive designs, pastel colors are going to be constant. It can either focus on one color or come in a mixture of three other colors, all in the same shade. Usually, cute designs come in light fonts that can be a thicker cursive or one that imitates a handwritten letter. One can add the themes of flowers, or cute cartoon characters can also make a twist or have it more personalized.

4. Simple

A simple graduation announcement card would have the usual fonts one can see. These can be fonts like Arial or Calibri. This still, more often than not, uses a limit to two colors, and in some cases, three. It’s easier on the eyes and can help you save when it comes to printing costs or ink costs.

5. Location Themed

Every graduation announcement is different, and one of the things that aren’t always the same would be the location. Depending on the place, the design of the statement can be on where the celebration will occur. For example, if it were an announcement of a graduation party happening in a barbeque, the design would be a format that fits the restaurant and the area.

With all the different styles to choose from, you would have no trouble in determining which design would be the best for you.

I am sure there are plenty of reliable websites that specializes on this. With this, it makes things more comfortable and a lot more efficient.

Graduation Announcements without Photos are the latest trend when it comes to celebrating graduations. They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, but so can the right design! Depending on your formatting, even an announcement without an image can relay all the messages that you can choose.

Choose the best plan for your graduation announcement and bring about your happiness in design. Bring about the emotions and flair of designs through graduation announcements without photos, and fall into the different formats for you to present. After all, after the years of hardship, diligence and patience, graduating students deserve to have the best.

Now tell me, do graduation announcements without photos perfect for your graduation plans? It may be the best time to add a new touch to celebrate. This article should be a great help for even you deserve a long break!

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