7 Items You Should Always Keep in Your Baby’s First Aid Kit

Who can predict accidents? If only we can, then there will be no emergencies and other unfortunate events. However, keeping a well-stocked first aid kit will help to alleviate the impact of the situation. Keeping this medical box at all times is the best way to prepare for unexpected circumstances.

As a mom, I made sure in placing a first aid kit at home and in my car. I check the contents regularly to make sure it’s always ready. Here is my personal checklist of the stuff I keep in my first aid kit.

Seven Items You Should Always Keep in Your Baby’s First Aid Kit

If I would be able to put all the stuff that I think I need for my baby’s first aid kit, my car’s trunk will be overflowing with it. Therefore, I made it a point to stick to the basics. Here are the common items that a first aid kit must keep:

1. First Aid Manual

I personally requested a first aid manual from my family doctor. I want to make sure that the instructions are simple and easy to understand. In fact, I asked for orientation and quick tutorial from medical volunteers of everything about the manual. First Aid Manual is helpful during drastic situations when I know my reading comprehension is not at my best.

2. Medication and Pain Relievers

Medication and Pain Relievers

I make it a point never to run out of paracetamol for my little one. Since babies are prone to have a fever, pain relievers come in handy especially when we are outdoors. I include some for myself too. I suggest keeping a measuring cup, spoon, or syringe for convenience. Always follow the dosage instructions in the med package.

3. Dressings

I bought different shapes and sizes of sticking plasters, sterile gauze dressings, bandages, and adhesive tapes to put it in place.  You will need this supply for cuts, blisters and tender spots.

4. Antiseptics and Antihistamine

I have an antiseptic cream in place, but you can also opt for the spray kind. I apply this after cleaning the wounds (usual bruises from running around) before I put plasters to cover to avoid infection.  I also keep antiseptic wipes in the kit.

Antihistamine is best for swelling caused by insect bites and rashes caused by certain allergies. A small bottle of calamine lotion is also a relief for itchiness caused by heat and another type of rashes.

5. Baby First Aid Accessories

I call them accessories because they are tiny tools that are surprisingly important and useful.

  • Tweezers: Have you tried removing thorns and splinters from those little fingers. It isn’t easy particularly when your baby is in scared and in pain. I advise using the right kind of tweezers. I found the best tweezers for splinters reviewed by Ram Research during my search and immediately purchased what I liked online. 
  • checkPair of Scissors: I can’t imagine myself doing the dressing without a scissor around. I can’t cut adhesives with the use of my hands (or worse teeth) during the process. Always keep one in the box. There are plenty of small scissors good enough for first aid kits.
  • checkSaline Solution/Eye drops: Specks that irritate the eyes are common. Saline solution can help wash away the dust from your eyes. Nope, blowing never works for me.
  • checkChild-safe sunscreen and repellant lotions: Plenty of kiddie lotions are available for sunscreen and insect repellant. Since kids love outdoors, you’ll find these lotions to be a high runner during your shopping. 
  • checkNon-latex Gloves and Mild Soap: If you are particular with hygiene, I am sure these two items are already on your checklist. You may need to replenish it often too.

6. Thermometer

My digital thermometer is one that I consider critical and must always be in the kit. I know how to check the temperature without a thermometer, yet for urgent situations, the digital thermometer is the quickest way. Make sure to read the instructions to learn how to use the thermometer the right way. 

7. Rubbing Alcohol Swabs and Cotton Balls

The fast way of cleaning your scissors, thermometers, and tweezers is by using alcohol swabs. Sterile cotton balls and cotton-tipped swabs aids in cleansing the bruises before applying treatment.


Among the items on my list, the small size sticking plasters are the most in demand in my family. With all these little feet running around, a pair is bound to trip. The next one is the thermometer. Any slight rise of the reading is an alert for a mom like me. Most likely, I cut short the drive and head back home.

However, having these items ready in your first aid kit is an assurance that anytime the need arises, you have the supplies needed for any medical situation. Applying first aid to your child is a huge help while waiting for the doctors.

Do you have an item that you consider essential but I did not mention? Feel free to remind me. Drop a message and let’s talk about adding it on the checklist.

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