Six Healthy Cooking Tips for a Wise Mom

When I started cooking for my kids, I know that I’ll be doing it forever. Why won’t I? I love the job! Knowing that their health depends on what I feed them, I make sure to give them the best nutrition there is.

Planning a well-balanced diet for everyday meals comes out as a routine for me. However, I never stopped finding ways to keep the food not only delicious but also healthier than the way it used to be. Hence, I am going to share with you some healthy cooking tips that a wise mom should know.

Healthy Cooking Tips for a Wise Mom

I suggest that you strive to bring out the best of everything. Don’t give up your favorite food, just because it’s not healthy. You can improve it. Even in cooking, there is always a better, safer, and healthier way to do it.

1. Buy Healthy Ingredients

You’re planning to bake lasagna but is too guilty thinking of the calories? Get rid of extra calories by choosing the right ingredients. Pick lean meat cuts and the reduced or low-fat version of cheese and milk as much as possible.

I even remove chicken skin and trim the fat from the meat before I cook. Stop yourself from taking in more chips, processed meat, and other food that contains a high level of fat.

2. Go for lesser Oil

Go for lesser Oil

Cooking sprays are a great alternative for oil. Even the method of applying oil matters. Instead of pouring amount of oil, try using a pastry brush to apply it.

Or else, you can use liquid instead. There are plenty of choices like wine, stocks, juice, vinegar, or just water. What’s more, replace your cookware with non-stick features.

If you can, omit deep frying recipes or those that require plenty of oil or butter to use. Replace it with steam, bake, or grill method. Have you heard of air fryers? If the goal is to minimize oil usage, air fryers are the best option.

This machine lets you fry food in the hot air circulating inside making you save 80% of the oil that you usually use.

3. Save the nutrients

Do you know that vegetable peel contains many nutrients? I suggest scrubbing your veggies instead of peeling them. Save as many nutrients as you can. Eat more vegetables and legumes.

Boiling can easily destroy vitamins. Better go for steaming or use the microwave to cook. However, if you can’t help it, boil using a minimal amount of water. I usually stir-fry most of my vegetables. Stir-fry method cooks quickly and makes the food crunchy.

4. Cutting Down Salt

Some say it best to get used to the bland taste to be sure you’re eating healthy. I haven’t reached that far, but I’ve got some tips for a start.

  • Control your salt. Taste the food first before adding salt.
  • Do you know that adding a bit of oil or lemon juice at the end of cooking time enhances the flavor of your food just like salt? Try it!
  • If you have time, buy fresh or frozen vegetables. The canned ones have salt in them.
  • Avoid salty processed meats. The same goes for bread, cheese, and cereals.
  • Iodized salt is the best choice.
  • Choose the “unsalted” kind of butter and margarine.
  • Lessen your use of condiments.
  • Mix fruits and vegetables with different flavors. This way, you won’t need to season it that much.

5. Go for herbs

Go for herbs

Herbs are not just for medical remedies but also a natural way to season your food. Familiarize yourself with the culinary plants available in the neighborhood or market. They are healthy being rich in health-protective phytoestrogens. Try to experiment with in your cooking and discover how the right way to use it.

However, put in my mind that flavors of herbs are delicate, so add it at the last part of your cooking. If you can’t find fresh ones, opt for the dry kind. Although dried ones have a strong flavor than fresh, a little bit of adjustment of the amount to use will do. It’s best added to stir-fry dishes.

6. Switch to a healthy sandwich 

  • Choose wholemeal or wholegrain bread.
  • Minimize butter or margarine
  • Power it up with vegetables and fillings.
  • Choose less fat ingredients.
  • Choose tuna, salmon, and sardines over-processed meat.


Your appetite starts to kick in as soon as you see the food on the table. Nevertheless, you can make it more appealing when you spend a bit of time with the presentation. There is nothing more inviting than a good food presentation, delicious taste, and heavenly aroma. Make your every meal with family special.

If you think I have been helpful, share this with your friends and family and spread the word!

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