Top 5 Reasons to Consider Teaching our Kids to Code

Just like health and social behavior, education is a crucial segment for the future of our children. In fact, most parents start thinking about it even before the child is born, projecting dreams and hopes towards their new bundle of joy future career.

Even if you’re not the kind of parent to put pressure on a specific academic direction, you still want the children to have the right skills. This means offering them access to classes, resources, and tools that will shape their cognitive processes for the modern world.

And, in a world governed by computers, where AI and Machine Learning are already mainstream, the best gift you can give your kids are coding skills. Below we listed some of the main benefits of learning how to code, but we can assure you, there are a lot more!

#1: Kids Can Start Early

It’s easy to think about coding (or programming) as something to learn in school, but with a bit of effort, you can start earlier.

Most kids nowadays learn to use and understand technology in their first two or three years of life. So, by using the right tools (such as toys and online resources), your children can make their first step into the wonderful world of coding very early in life.

You can approach teaching code to young minds from the perspective of learning a language. After all, learning how to translate the world in programming languages is exactly like learning a new language with grammar rules and syntax!

#2: It Boosts Creativity & Logical Thinking

While the two (creativity and logical thinking) seem polar opposites, in reality, we need logical thinking to be creative. Moreover, we need to be able to think out of the box, to find the most logical solution.

Coding allows children to create different thought processes that later let them understand the world using different perspectives. It teaches children how to think in order to find the right solutions to a problem, which is a powerful skill in their journey to adulthood.

Lastly, coding can be a powerful tool for brain development, even after your children become adults. Studies have shown that people with programming skills have a sharper mind, better focus, and a reduced risk of brain diseases (such as Alzheimer). So, by exposing young minds to coding, you also make sure they have an extra fighting chance in the future.

#3: A Shared Experience

If you’re not tech-savvy parents, you have the wonderful opportunity of sharing the learning experience with your little ones. This can lead to a more powerful parents-children bond, but also helps you acquire new skills that may prove useful in the future.

And, as the kids grow, you have access to a wide array of high-quality online resources that allows the entire family to continue learning.

The good news is that programming is a skill that can be acquired at any age, whether you’re six or sixty plus!

#4: Failure is a Good Experience

Many adults suffer from a chronic fear of failure. Most of us are so scared of doing the wrong thing, that we avoid the experience altogether! After all, how many times did you postpone doing something just because you thought you weren’t ready for it?

We learn this behavior as children and, when the time comes, we project it onto our own children. Modern kindergarten and school environments are built to protect kids from feeling disappointment, rejection, and other so-called bad feelings by making extra efforts to include everyone.

While we shouldn’t go out of our way to inflict emotional pain on our children, when this happens, it is our duty as parents to teach them how to deal with the feelings that arise. This way, we lay the groundwork for stronger, more confident adults. 

Through coding, we let the kids see that failure is nothing more than an experience from which we can learn and move on. They will understand the power of resilience and consistency in life, and they will see the importance of trying until they find the right solution. 

#5: Skills for the Future

The software industry is growing at an explosive rate and skilled employees and collaborators are in high-demand. Furthermore, the trend is ascending as the number of job offers will only grow in the following years.

So, by teaching your kids how to code, you’re offering them an extra chance to a better future. True, not all kids will want to become programmers, but the world of tech is extremely diverse. However,  the people who work with new technologies must understand how it works, so basic coding knowledge is always helpful.

Wrap Up

As you can see, there are only benefits to teaching young children about coding. Even if your kid  becomes a musician or a novelist, coding skills will still help them improve their craft or performance!

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