Your First Baby? 7 Essential Products You Might Not Have Thought Of…

Finding out that you’re going to be the parent of a newborn child brings a wave of emotions to any new parent’s mind. Excitement, fear, love, anxiety and happiness bubble away in new parents from when they first find out, right up until some of their child’s biggest milestones. Providing your child with the best possible future is pivotal in making their upbringing as enriched and memorable as possible. Harvey Norman stock a large range of devices for your nursery that gives you peace of mind as your baby sleeps. With the array of products available to you, it’s important to make sure that you at least get the essentials. So, here are my seven favourite products you need for your first baby.

1. White Noise Soother

Make falling asleep as easy as you can for both yourself and Bub with the use of a white noise machine. These machines play sounds which may not sound pleasant to you, but they provide a gentle, consistent audio which mimics the noise babies heard in the womb before they were born.

2. Crib Sensor Plate

You baby’s safety is the first priority when it comes to making a room for them. Unfortunately, with newborns, there are times where they may not be okay during the night and that’s important for you to know. With a crib sensor plate, it tracks your baby’s movements in their sleep and if it can’t detect any movement for a period of time, it will send a notification to your phone so that you can check on Bub.

3. Baby Smart Band

Be involved with your baby and keep on top of your fitness goals and daily schedule with a Baby Smart Band such as Harvey Norman’s Project Nursery Mum + Bub Smart-band Tracker. Track foetal movements during your pregnancy and keep on top of your appointments and sleeping, feeding and appointment schedules as well, after your baby is born.

4. Video Baby Monitor

A Baby Monitor is a must have for all new parents. Not only does it mean you can keep an eye on your baby, but newer models such as the Project Nursery 4.3″ Video Baby Monitor System offer a whole list of additional features. With its 2.4GHz static-free wireless connectivity, it offers you a range of 800 feet and also features control over the camera through panning or zooming so that you can follow Bub’s every move.

5. “Twist And Drop” Nappy Bin

Hygiene is another key principle when raising your newborn. With countless nappy changes in a day, it’s important you stay clean and to ensure that you don’t bring bacteria with you from the change table to the rest of your home. ‘Twist and drop’ nappy bins means all you have to do is put the dirty nappy into the bin and twist the handle for a knot to be created in the waste bag to seal off the dirty nappy and odour.

6. Remote Control Bottle Warmer

These RC Bottle Warmers help to make your night’s sleep as seamless as it can be, even when getting up to feed your baby. With the touch of a button on your smartphone, you can have the bottle start to warm so that you can go straight from bed to feeding.

7. Touch-Less Thermometer

While you may have already thought of a thermometer, you may not have been aware of your many options available on the market today. Touch-less thermometers take your baby’s temperature simply by pointing the reader at your Bub’s forehead. Hygienic and safe – everything you need!

There are millions of products on the market for new parents – which can overwhelm many – but it’s important to ensure you are ready for your baby when it arrives. Raising a child is an incredibly daunting but life changing task that will bring endless love to your life.

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