6 Ways Dogs Shape an Optimistic Personality of Your Child

Considering the challenges of 21st Century, our kids are vulnerable to develop a less emotionally intelligent and pessimistic personality. They may suffer from loneliness, stress, and depression due to a lack of love, kindness, and attention from their parents.

Pets provide psychological, physical, and social benefits to our children. Dogs, specifically, can impact our children positively and help them develop an optimistic outlook on life. We all know how much loyal dogs are, here are some ways dogs demonstrate their loyalty to our children:

1. Dogs are Mood-Boosters

Various studies concluded that pets can lower the chances of depression in pet-owners. They help introvert and shy ones to develop a positive and optimistic vision of life.

When our children take the responsibility of caring for the pet, they benefit from their presence. Dogs, especially, teach children to live in the moment and love unconditionally. They teach stressed, shy or introverted children to change their lives in a positive way. Children having pets are found to be more social, outspoken and happy.

Karen Winegar, animal expert, in her interview to New York Times mentioned that the bond of human and animal works at emotional level rather than on intellectual level. This emotional bond nurtures us in unexpected ways.

2. Boost Self-Esteem of Children

Less-popular kids have low self-esteem and self-confidence. They seek social acceptance inside and outside the home. ‘Special Children’ specifically face the challenges of being rejected. Pets show acceptance to everyone they come across.

Pets do not judge, criticize, or pass comments. They love your kids unconditionally in spite of their mischievous behavior. They do not leave out children with physical or mental abnormalities.

A published research in Journal of Personality and Social Psychology revealed that dog owners have higher self-esteem, sense of belongingness and purposefulness in their lives than non-dog-owners.

Such confidence and self-esteem make a child impact their surroundings in a positive way. They see the world in a positive light because they attract praise and appreciation from everyone due to their confidence.

3. Enhance Family-Bonding

Pets become a reason to strengthen the family bonds. All the family members take turns to care for the pet and fulfill his daily needs.

Dogs require play time and long walks to burn the extra calories. During playtime, most families enjoy a great time together with their dogs. Such bonding helps to sharpen the communication and social skills in children. Who doesn’t know how important social skills are for a successful life.

Children learn to win social acclaim and acceptance. It helps them develop optimism towards people and life.

4. Higher Self-Confidence

Children facing reading and learning disabilities can seek the assistance of a pet. They may read or teach their dog. The uncritical friend helps the child sharpen his learning skills. Moreover, he provides the child a companionship to share all his secrets. Such companionship boosts a child’s self-confidence.

Moreover, the self-confidence of children increases when they do little stuff for the dog such as providing food and water and fulfilling their daily grooming needs. They feel a sense of accomplishment at the end of every task. Their parent’s appreciation gives them a confidence boost.

Ways Dogs Shape an Optimistic Personality of Your Child

5. Enhance Social Skills

Dogs help the kids attract people due to their cuteness. They bring an opportunity for the children to develop a social circle of their own.

Introvert and shy children can learn to communicate better by being expressive to their pets in isolation. They learn the difference between harsh and gentle actions. They learn to be more empathetic and compassionate in their daily dealings with others. It helps the child develop good social relationships with everyone.

Moreover, good words and actions send out positive vibes which equal greater social acceptance and social circles.

6. Emotional Management

Children having pets have low-stress level and blood pressure. The physical touch with a pet leads to a release of feel-good hormones, the endorphins, and oxytocin. According to CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention), children who have dogs usually have a low stress or anxiety level.

Moreover, pets provide emotional support to the child in times of grief. They prevent the child from loneliness and rejection.

Such positive experiences in childhood help children develop compassionate, kind, and beautiful pictures of the world. They learn to manage their emotions in a better way. They see the world as the best place to live.

Final Verdict

Children who learn the basic skills of success: emotional and social management at an early age are bound to live a happier and successful life.

Children who are not rejected or neglected in their childhood by their busy parents/guardians/caretakers learn to give time, love and care to others in their lives.

Moreover, a happy and strong family bonding helps the child to maintain his relationships in a similar manner. All in all, dogs play a significant role in developing a positive outlook of a child.

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