Pregnancy Planning: 12 Things that Parents Do Right

Planning of pregnancy is something that often ends up overlooked. However, the preparation of pregnancy is an essential step on the way not only to aim for a healthy pregnancy but encourages a closer and happier relationship with your partner. Sadly, only a few realize the value of this decision. In reality, for some, pregnancy comes as a surprise!

Preparing for having a baby might eliminate many problems and difficulties throughout conception, pregnancy, and birth. A conscious approach to conceiving will also benefit your child even during adulthood. Make sure to consult professionals at the international IVF clinics to learn precisely how to plan your pregnancy.


Main recommendations for pregnancy planning

There are many things to consider, which will be helpful in your preparations. Consult your doctor for creating a personalized plan that will suit you the best. However, almost all of these tips needs support from your partner so it is best to talk about it.

  • Consult with a professional. Pregnancy plans vary for every couple, and the doctor will help you create a customized plan.

  • Drugs. Even "over the counter" medicines could bring harm to the fetus. Make sure to seek recommendations from your OB if you need medical attention. Taking any drugs will affect baby’s health horribly.
  • Immune system. Consider immunization so that you can face any difficulties head-on. Eating fresh and healthier food is wise and practical. 
  • Health conditions. Make sure to keep your physical and psychological health in good condition. It is not all about the time spent on exercise but also the importance of giving time for yourself to relax. Reading a book is a perfect example of relaxation.

  • Healthy lifestyle. Stop drinking alcohol and smoking. These things might make conception impossible, not to mention creating problems for a future child. Your body will be your baby's home for months. Make it ready, clean, and safe the best possible way you can.
  • Weight. Achieving a healthy weight is one of the first things you should consider. Take note that when you are on the way, you will gain more pounds.
  • Take folic acid. This vitamin minimizes the risk of the child having specific congenital disabilities and abnormalities. The necessary daily dose depends on a woman’s health. Your doctor will help with the right prescription.
  • Family genetics. Learn about the health history family and discuss it with your doctor. Some conditions might affect the baby.
  • Exercise. Regular exercises are suitable for everyone. Do you know that women who do moderate exercise as a routine get pregnant quicker than those who do not?
  • Avoid chemicals and radiation. Even your own home is full of dangerous substances.
  • Family environment. Make sure to surround yourself with supportive family members and friends.
  • Maintain a healthy diet. Fruits and vegetables are obligatory, as well as whole grain foods, dairy products with low fat, nuts. Try to avoid fat fried foods, sodas, and products with a high amount of sugar.

My Final Thoughts

Remember that getting pregnant is the most natural and meaningful moment for both you and your partner. If you find my tips applicable and helpful, I am sure you will enjoy the planning together. Try not to pressure yourself. Relax and take it slow. When you see your baby for the first time, you will know that all your preparations are worth it!

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