Pregnancy Tests are Getting Lighter: Do I need to Worry Now?

I was impatient because of excitement. When the test read BFP at 10 DPO, I gave the good news to everybody. However, you know, I wanted to be sure, so I took another one today. My heart sunk!

Now, I am having doubts. I took one last test, and there was barely a line at all! Pregnancy test results are getting lighter. Did I just get pregnant yesterday and now not anymore?


Pregnancy tests are getting lighter: Am I still pregnant? 

Pregnancy tests are reliable. I describe it as fast, convenient and painless laboratory procedure at home. I like the anticipation while waiting for the result.

Therefore, when I got a positive line on my first test, I felt happy. Now the lines are getting lighter and fading. My hopes go along with it too. Was it a chemical pregnancy?

It drives me nuts to keep on testing by myself. A short visit to my OB was worth it. I suggest that you talk to your doctor about times like this. They do have ultrasounds and blood tests. The accurate readings can eliminate the confusion and doubts.

I have learned that the positive line on a home pregnancy test shows the presence of HCG in my system. The pregnancy tests are getting lighter, but it all depends on the amount of HCG present in my urine. It means it does not matter how faint the lines come out to be. The good news is I am STILL pregnant!

At least, the understanding of how a pregnancy test works is essential. It is quite simple, but it is great to learn it first. Let me share with you a quick tutorial.

Video: How Pregnancy Test Works?

What are the possible causes of a faint line?

Do not worry about faint lines. It still reads as BFP. Have you wondered what causes pregnancy tests to be getting lighter? NO, alcohol has nothing to do with it. The reasons are easy to comprehend.

Testing too early

Testing before your period is due is too soon. The HCG level in your system is not that high for the test to identify. Therefore, you will see faint lines on a pregnancy test. However, it still indicates pregnancy.

Watery Urine

You can get a better outcome when HCG hormones are concentrated. Drinking a lot of water can dilute the urine making results inaccurate. To avoid getting lighter pregnancy test results, I suggest doing the test early in the morning before you eat and drink. 

Early Miscarriage

I consider this sad news and tragic for someone who wants to have a baby. This condition usually happens during the first trimester. Although the embryo is gone, a faint trace of HCG hormone in your urine may still be present that the test can distinguish.

Low Progesterone Level

Having this condition is risky for the baby. It is an advantage if you consult your OB when you notice that pregnancy tests are getting lighter. Getting progesterone supplement, can save your pregnancy.

The test pack you have is not sensitive enough

It is best to buy a pack that can detect the HCG even in low levels (15-20 mlU/L). Tests are 60% accurate in reading, so the perfect timing to use them is after your missed period.

Can I recommend a reliable test pack? First Response is a tested home pregnancy test that most moms pick as a good choice. You may want to try it out.

What is an evaporation line?

I purposely included this information since it could be just an evaporation line when you notice that the pregnancy tests are getting lighter. Evaporation line happens when the urine sample fades and dries out after some time. Reading the result within 3-5 minutes of reaction time is essential.

I have had my share of experience when it comes to a pregnancy test that gets lighter after several tries. Do you know that there are ways on how to prevent faint lines? Yeah, after some digging, I discovered that we could avoid it. At least I can help you out so you will not be worried like what happened to me.

  • Early morning urine is best for a pregnancy test.
  • check
    After the period due date is the best timing for a pregnancy test.
  • check
    Choose a reliable pregnancy test pack.

My Thoughts

Are you in panic after finding out that your pregnancy tests are getting lighter? Do not be! Keep your calm and presence of mind. Do not stress yourself out by taking tests at home.

Remember that a faint line is most likely a BFP. However, getting accurate result can satisfy our anxiety and curiosity. Therefore, I recommend an appointment with your OB. On top of that, familiarize yourself with the early symptoms of pregnancy and start observing changes in your body.

Did I answer the questions in your mind? I know you have plenty that is going on that you like to share. No worries. Just drop a comment and let us talk about it!

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