5 Useful Exercises to Help Get Rid of Back Pain during Pregnancy

Being pregnant is precious alright. But when the bump is getting bigger and heavier, it’s agony, especially when back pain attacks. It’s simply annoying. Seriously, it would hurt to get up, sit and even walk!

A big hug to my friend who taught me a technique. Let’s see if doing these exercises to help get rid of back pain during pregnancy will help you as it has worked for me. It’s simple, but it would make a big difference in how your body feels.

What causes back pain?

We expect certain discomforts during pregnancy. Our body tends to cope up with the changes a growing fetus brings. Back pains are one of the usual complaints. Sitting and standing for a long time will trigger the pain more.

  • The pelvis is spreading thus giving space to accommodate the growing fetus.
  • You gained an average of 30 pounds, particularly in your belly part. Additional wait strains to your back.
  • Changes in the center of gravity cause postural stress.  

Exercises to Help Get Rid of Back Pain during Pregnancy

Usually, back pains start during the second trimester. However, you don’t need to feel the hurt and be okay with it. Exercises can make you feel better. Some choose to do outdoor workouts, but you can also enjoy it at home.

Try this out!

Stand and Twist (If you don’t have a resistance tube, a 4-pound dumbbell can work well too)

  • While standing feet apart, place your left foot on the end of a resistance tube.
  • Grip the handle of the opposite end using both hands at chest level, extending both arms in front of you and rotate shoulders to the left side.
  • With both hands still on the firm grip, move it across towards the right side at shoulder level and body facing right.Go back to the first position and try it again ten times. Do the same using the right foot.  

Sit and Stretch

  • Sit comfortably with your legs crossed.Clasp your hands together and extend it upward.
  • Lean over to your left side and hold for a few seconds along with a deep breath.  
  • Exhale, and return to the center.Do the same to the right side.

Lifting Dumbbells

  • Standing with your feet astride, place your right foot before the left. With an 8-pound dumbbell in each grip, extend your arms to the sides.
  • Bend forward enough until the back starts to round. Go back to the first step and bend elbows coiling weights toward shoulder level.
  • Extend back arms to starting position and perform the steps again five times. Do the same sequence, with the left foot in front of right.

One leg squat

If you are having a hard time to balance with just one leg support, put your back against the wall for support.

  • Lift your left leg and place the ankle on top of the knee. Hold your ankle and massage it using your right hand.
  • Press your knee with your left hand and start to squat. Lower your squat to the limit.
  • Hold it for a few seconds feeling the stretch on your back and hip. Don’t overdo it. When there’s a pain, stop immediately. Do the moves three times alternately with right leg.

Squat and Twist

  • Squat down with your legs apart as far as possible. Thighs must be parallel to each other and feet facing the opposite sides.
  • Place hands on top of your thighs. Turn your shoulder to one side without bending your elbows. Don’t move your belly together with the shoulder. Hold it for thirty seconds.
  • Do this three times alternately with the other side.

Here is another fun exercise to relieve back pain. 

How do these moves help ease the pain?

  • It helps tone down and toughen the muscles to eliminate pain in the future. Leaning or bending can give a good lower back elasticity.
  • Arms stretching tightens your back and aids in avoiding injury during your pregnancy period. Exercise would be useful when you stretch the arms all the way in a straight position.

  • Stretching will lessen muscle contraction and reestablish spinal function that results in lesser muscle cramps.


Being pregnant is not just a challenge emotionally but also physically. The exercises to help get rid of back pain during pregnancy is a great help to make the day comfy. But do you know that you can prevent the throbbing from coming?

Yep, as early as the first three months, practice maintaining a straight posture and start doing short, relaxing walks and breathe fresh air. Stay away from stress and give yourself a good rest. You’ll be pregnant for months. Help yourself to enjoy it!

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