Upper Back Pain After C-Section: Do You Have It?

Three C-sections in a row. I have undergone all of them, and each time, I always have this pain in my back. Is this upper back pain after C Section torments you too?

This was my third surgery, and my back pains now are killing me. I guess this time it staying longer than before. How about yours?

Let us find out why these back pains occur and how long does it usually last. Sometimes, it gives assurance when we are aware of what is going on in our body after a major operation. Knowledge sets us free from assumptions, fear, and confusion.

What are the causes of upper back pains after C-Section?

Here are the common causes of a backache after a surgery. See if it rings a bell to you.

Spinal Anesthesia

I do not know about you, but for me, the epidural anesthesia was painful when injected. The OB said I could scream if I like. I did, and it was loud. I suffered upper back pains after C-section every time. My back throbs and gradually ebbs away after a few months.

Scar Tissue

The scar tissue (usually above the pubic bone) after the operation creates pain at the back when stretched or pulled.

Accumulation of Upper Layer of Skin

The upper layer of the skin accumulates near the spine during the operation, resulting in upper back pain after surgery. It is all because of the unstable balance of the abdominal to back muscles. The condition over stretches the pelvic muscles and unsettles the delicate spinal bones.

Body Posture

After bearing a heavyweight during pregnancy, our back suffered in coping with it. Adapting to breastfeeding would affect the posture too, and may cause back problems as well.

My OB warned that I might have achy back after the operation because I still had a few hours of labor before C-section was decided. During labor, muscles that I do not use often comes to the rescue. They aid in delivering the baby out of the womb. It is like an aftershock, feeling the muscle ache afterward.

After giving birth, the causes of upper back pain after C-section does not end just there. I expected to suffer a little bit more because of my duty as a new mom. I am still mastering the art of breastfeeding, trying to make sure my newborn latches the right way. Doing so, stress my neck and back.

In fact, the whole routine of taking care of my baby all the time takes toll from my body as well.

How long do these back pains are going to last?

Everyone has a different pace of recovery. This upper back pain after C-section usually lasts a few months. Yours may be longer or shorter, but for me, it disappeared right after 6 months.

I guess it was because my usual strength came back after an effective diet. I have also mastered a comfortable way of breastfeeding my baby. I managed to go back in shape in a few months.

Unfortunately, some made it later than mine. If you suffer from these back pains before giving birth, especially during early pregnancy, it is evident that it will continue after giving birth. Take note that maintaining a healthy weight can ease this problem.

Are there remedies for this backache?

There are ways of finding relief if the upper back pain after C-section attacks. I have some ideas that you can do at home. It will not get in the way of your daily routine nor demand time and money. All you have to do is to stay committed and give some extra effort.

Gradual Exercise

You may not like the idea of an exercise while your back is a torment. Believe me; this is what you need. Go for an easy activity like early morning hikes. Do it slowly for the first few days, and then increase in speed as you feel you are ready.

When you are confident to a bit more, consult your OB and ask for a recommendation. I did some stretching, back, and abdominal exercises every day. However, you do it when you are strong enough and remember to know your limits.

Be conscious of your posture

Practice good posture at all times especially during breastfeeding. Let others help you with lifting heavy objects.

Pamper Yourself

Wow, the upper back pain after C-section, soreness, fatigue and the tension of being a mom take away all the energy and the smile along with it. Therefore, I pamper myself to relieve from all the negative vibrations. If you like, you can do these:

  • Give yourself an early night, bathe, and soak in a warm tub.
  • checkApply heat or cold pads to aching areas.
  • checkInvest in a high-quality mattress.

View this video to give you an idea of how to exercise as a remedy for your upper back pain after C-section.


Upper Back pain after C-section could be natural after giving birth, but you can certainly control its severity and frequency when it happens. Learning what you need to do after reading this article can help you. Be mindful of your posture and rewarding yourself with the needed rest can lessen the pain.

Doing some exercise and a healthy diet can hasten your recovery. However, it would be best to seek medical help to assure your safety.

I hope I helped you in easing those discomforts. Share the information with others and feel free to ask some questions. Sharing experiences is nice.

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