I always feel wet down there. Am I pregnant? How to Be Sure?

I jumped from the seat! I just thought I had sudden bleeding. It was all clear. Why do I always feel a lot of wetness down there? Am I pregnant?I am reliant on my cervical mucus in determining where I am at in my menstrual cycle. I heard that I could detect signs of pregnancy through its changes too.  I want to dig deeper if this is true. If you have the same watery discharge, then you might also be wondering what’s going on.Please tell me that I am not alone.

The Feel of Being Wet Down There and Pregnancy

Feeling wet down there all the time may mean I am pregnant, but I need to know that what I am going through is just natural. I did some research and visited my OB for confirmation. This wetness can be a sign of being pregnant, but it is too early to tell (5DPO). To my relief, this weird condition is normal for us women, who hope to be conceiving, or not.The increase of vaginal discharge is common in pregnant women due to the upsurge of estrogen and blood flow in the vaginal part. The upsurge is vital to develop the mucus plug that will cover the opening of the cervix. The purpose of which is to stop infection in penetrating the uterus that could harm the baby.However, this sensation can also happen to women who are not expecting.

What would be the cause of the wetness if I were not pregnant?


I like to call this increased wetness down there as a sign of pregnancy. Nevertheless, I know that this can also be non-pregnancy related. Because of the rise of estrogen level and blood flow before ovulation, the vaginal discharge becomes watery and excessive.

This hormonal change is the reason why I always feel wet down there. Do you know that during ovulation, a woman’s body may produce plenty of extra release than the normal? It helps prepare an ideal state for the sperm and clear our private area as well. In this fertile period of the cycle, the abundant fluid lets the sperm swim and survive.

Before the menstrual period

A few days before the menstrual due date, the cervical mucus becomes thin and watery discharge starts to release. The process helps the uterine lining to shed. Do not be surprised when you feel the wetness down there!

A woman always feel wet down there

After the menstrual period

The increase of mucus production starts a few days before the period. Initially, the clear watery fluid comes out making you feel wet down there before it changes to the thick creamy discharge.

I have to find out the occurrence and time of the month wherein I always feel wet down there. Being familiar with what happens during my every cycle is essential. Therefore, I have a chart on the dates when I feel it the most. I advise you do the same. It helps to know when it is coming.

Panty liners nowadays are my best friend. I am also conscious of choosing the right feminine wash. I do make hygiene as my priority to avoid infections. To be clear, the normal secretion that always makes me feel always wet down there should be:

  • Transparent/clear
  • checkThin
  • checkWatery
  • checkOdorless or Mild Odor
  • checkWill not last long and must be followed with dryness before period comes.

Remember that this quality of discharge must be regular. If you notice a change in its scent, fluid color, and consistency it is better to ask help especially you begin to feel itchiness.

When do you need to call for help?

I was worried to see that aside from the natural causes that make a woman always feel wet down there, there are diseases that may have triggered it as well. Let us be alert and familiarize ourselves with the indications. It is best to discuss this with your doctor.

  • Fibroids
  • checkPolyps
  • checkHormonal Imbalance
  • checkEndometriosis
  • checkCervical Cancer
  • checkPelvic Inflammatory Discharge
  • checkSTD


After all, what I have learned, I am no longer anxious when I always feel wet down under. Sometimes it is a wonder how our body works. As a woman, I understood the importance of the body fluid regarding fertility and my whole being.

You must keep in mind that increase of vaginal discourage may be uncomfortable, but it is entirely harmless. It could be an early sign of pregnancy, or you are just in the process of ovulating. Whichever reason you might fall into, it is utterly natural. Therefore, the next time you feel like complaining, think about what you have learned today.

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