Important Facts You Need to Know about Darker Urine during Pregnancy

What does darker urine during pregnancy mean? Can anything be done about it? Should I worry?

So many questions about changes in your body crop up during pregnancy. And this question is not any less important. At the same time, you have very little to no reason to worry. Furthermore, you’ll be relieved to know that there’s something you can do about it.

What’s normal about darker urine during pregnancy?

During pregnancy, you can expect to see some changes related to our excretory patterns. From how often you go to what color, you’ll notice differences between before pregnancy and now.

The amount of urobilin, which a waste byproduct of hemoglobin, contributes to the yellowish color of urine. The shade of yellow depends on how much urobilin has accumulated in your system.

Another consideration to keep in mind is that your kidneys will work more efficiently than before. This is rid your body of waste more quickly in order to protect the baby during gestation.

Thus, there’s no need to worry. The change in color and concentration can be attributed to the following factors:

  • Prenatal vitamins and other supplements: If you take your vitamins consistently, you can expect a brighter yellow due to the amount of Vitamins C and B. Medications and supplements, like Senna laxatives, Pyridium, and Nitrofurantoin, will change the color to orange.
  • A different variety of foods: If you’re eating more veggies and fruits, then the color of your urine will change gradually over time. This is due to the amount of beta carotene and/or pigments in the food.
  • The amount of water you’re drinking: if you’re not drinking enough water, then you can expect darker urine during pregnancy. Staying hydrated is vital for both you and your baby.

Why should I pay attention to this situation?


Keeping track, even if just taking a mental note, of any changes in your urine’s color is important. There may be times when you’re certain that you’re drinking plenty of water, but still you’re experiencing darker urine during pregnancy. Thus, as mentioned, you will need to increase your water intake until your urine lightens up more.

Likewise, if you’ve been suffering from a condition called Hyperemesis gravidarum, known as extreme morning sickness, then you will most definitely need to watch out for dehydration that is brought on by vomiting. Again, drinking enough water is very important.

Another reason for being mindful of water intake is to avoid a UTI (urinary tract infection) which can complicate the pregnancy if not treated correctly.

What can I do about it? 

In relation to what you are eating, you need not worry or make any changes. If you’re eating more vegetables than before, then the coloring issue is not a serious matter at all. The same goes for any color changes that result from taking prenatal vitamins. You can take the changes as a good sign of a healthy and balanced diet.

As far as drinking water goes, some people prefer alternatives that are more flavorful. With that being said, milk is ok to have once in a while. After all, your body can use the calcium. Sodas (diet or regular) should probably be avoided, and so-called sports drinks are the best stand-by due to the levels of sodium and sugar.

So check out this video that gives ideas for infusing water with some of your favorite fruits and berries for added flavor and a healthy drink.

And better yet, check out these products that makes the whole infusing process more convenient:

  • The Fruit Infuser Water Bottle: This pack consists of a 32-ounce bottle with a full-length infuser tube and a free recipe E-book and anti-sweat sleeve.
  • The Tritan Fruit Infusion Bottle: This 32-ounce bottle comes with infuser tube and can fit in most car cup holders. It’s also ideal for tea, lemonade, and sparkling drinks.
  • The Hunulu Portable Fruit Juice Infusing Infuser: This one-piece item is ideal for creating your own citrus-flavored drinks. Lemon, lime, or orange slices fit easily inside the wide infusion tube.

As you can see, staying hydrated has become easier than ever.

When should I call the doctor?

Of course there are times, when you might be concerned about any changes that your body undergoes during pregnancy. So you should call your doctor to address any concerns or if you experience any of the following:

  • If you’re experiencing burning while urinating
  • If you’re running a fever
  • If you’re still enduring bad bouts of morning sickness that leaves you feeling dehydrated
  • If you see blood in your urine or a brownish tinge

Any one of these symptoms should not go ignored.

Basically, you would need to remember not to get overly concerned when you first see darker urine during pregnancy. If this change reoccurs with additional symptoms and discomfort, then contact your obstetrician.

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