Non-Medical Pain Relief During Labor that You Should Consider First

Is it fear? Or is it excitement? It should be a combination of both that makes you slightly anxious when your due date is near. The labor pains when delivering a baby is the challenge that moms would bear. It is just right to plan on how to lessen the labor discomforts. Drugs are ready if you want a painless experience. However, I suggest considering non-medical pain relief during labor first.

Would it be great to go through it all without relying on medicines?

Different Options for Non-Medical Pain Relief During Labor

There are plenty of options for non-medical pain relief during labor contractions that you may find stress-free and practical. Below are suggestions to help you manage labor pains. Choose whatever suits you best.

Find the Right Position

Keep moving as soon as you feel the first few contractions. Some positions do not allow you to feel much pain. Find the right one.

Some pregnant women find comfort when sitting and standing after each pang of pain. You might like to take a few strides to ease the pain as well. Movements tend to lessen the agony rather than lying still. If you prefer, birthing balls are practical for this plan.

The movements help in allowing the fetus to move inside and shifting the shape of your pelvis. Your actions aid in the progress of labor and quicken the delivery.

The aid of heat packs and massage

Heat packs come in handy during labor pains. The natural trigger in releasing endorphins in our body is through the relaxing warmth that you enjoy with heat packs. Massage is another way of diverting your focus on the pain. A gentle massage from the affected area soothes the pain.

Nothing is more relaxing than a gentle touch. Try to ask your partner to do it for you. Massage the spot where it hurts most. A tender and loving pat send a message to the mother-to-be that she is loved and not alone. A light touch or a tight embrace is equally effective as well.

What makes you relax?

We have different ways to relax. I take a warm shower. How about you?

Relaxing can ease the tension and fear of the thought that you are about to give birth. If you are a music lover, it would be a big help to listen to your favorite songs. Choose a playlist that can divert your anxiety to relaxation. Other women prefer to meditate to calm down their nerves while some request for incense that has a peaceful effect.

Whatever your preference, you need to plan. Make sure that the facility where you decide to give birth will allow you to do so, especially with aromatherapy.

Breathing Techniques

Patterned breathing is vital when you are having your contractions. Usually, the timing of your breath is in the harmony of your contractions. Depending on how you would like it to be, learn to establish your breathing pattern in terms of frequency and depth that would offer relief during the pain. Remember to use your diaphragm during the inhaling of air. The process should not make you feel out of breath.

Your breathing pattern will help you calm down and serves as a spontaneous reaction to every contraction. Once you master your breathing rhythm, you will increase your oxygen level, thus giving you more strength to endure. You will feel more in control then.


Although hydrotherapy is becoming more common nowadays, this technique that uses water to lessen the pain during labor is profoundly relaxing and can bring positive vibes emotionally. If you are interested in experiencing this technique, make sure that your birthing facility can support to assist the process. Private labor suites have Jacuzzi tubs that you can use.

The comfort that hydrotherapy brings ranges from the warmth, gentle pressure, and the soothing sound of the water. If you believe the idea of being immersed underwater when in labor can hasten the birthing process, it regulates the blood pressure level and gives you control over the delivery.


These choices of non-medical pain relief during labor are the most common and reliable methods used for decades. I suggest you start familiarizing yourself with each one and pick those that you are comfortable to use. Some of them come naturally in the process, but learning ahead on what your options are would be a great help during the big day.

Do you know that you quickly forget the labor pains the moment you see your baby? Yes, all the agony is worth it the minute you hear your baby’s very first cry. If you can help it, say no to medicines. If they can do without it, so can you!

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