Postnatal Care: How to Bring Back the Pretty You?

Did you just give birth to the most adorable baby? Giving birth is strenuous and overwhelming. It is a mixture of happiness and excitement!

From now on, a lot will change. New routines, diet, environment and even your sleeping hours will be a challenge. It is essential to focus on the time you need to spend with your newborn. Are you anxious about it?

I have prepared a postnatal care guide to help you back into shape and bring back the pretty you. Be ready for new mom tips, practical advice, and useful tricks.

Welcome to the club!


Bring back the pretty you

Postnatal Care Guide on How to Bring Back the Pretty You

I understand that when you look at yourself in the mirror, plenty of questions come into your mind. I know, I’ve been there! I bet you’ve been worrying about losing your weight and getting back into shape.

There are many ways to slim down, shine and be more beautiful after giving birth. However, are you in for the fight? Will you conquer it, or not?

1. You don’t need to do all the work alone

You don’t need to do all the work alone

You must probably be a little weak after having the baby. If you had your baby by normal delivery, it’s typical to feel tired and weak. On the other hand, if you had a caesarian method, it’s less likely that you can walk around much. Avoid being stressed and rest.

Your job, for now, is to relax. Take it one at a time. Be sure to have a trusted someone to take care of you. Bear in mind that you enjoy these moments. You’re in a phase wherein the focus is for your newborn, so let someone else do things for you.

2.Ensure to do proper Feminine Hygiene

It is essential to learn how to take care of yourself by doing the right feminine hygiene. Keeping yourself clean does not only keep you healthy and fresh but also makes a healthy and clean baby.

  • checkAlways wear clean clothes. Do not use strong fabric cleaners and softeners that may be harmful to your baby.
  • checkTake a bath or wash regularly. I recommend you use mild and gentle feminine wash for a fresh and fragrant you.
  • checkKeep your nails short and clean. Tie your hair and keep it tidy always.

3.It’s time to get moving

recovering body

After the long rest, a recovering body needs a boost by starting to get moving. It’s time for exercise! I recommend that you seek advice from your doctor for a workout routine.

A suitable fitness activity does not only shed your unwanted fats but will also make you feel energized and active inside out. Start lifting weights and tone up your muscles as soon as you’re able.

4.Get all the sleep that you need

the right amount of sleep

I know that it’s hard to obtain the right amount of sleep when you have a baby. So make that most of those rare free time and sneak in for a nap. Lack of sleep not only leaves your mood cranky but it also makes you look worn-down, and mess up.

Hoping to bring back the pretty you? Listen to this postnatal care tip. Don’t skip your beauty sleep!

5.Breastfeeding is the best

Breastfeeding is the best

Do you know that when you’re breastfeeding burns an average of 700 calories per day? Yes, you do, even if you just sit and lie down with your baby. If you’re lucky enough, you can get rid of the excess weight only by breastfeeding alone.

Aside from that, mother’s milk is a natural source of nutrients for your baby compared to new baby formulas on the market. Besides, frequent breastfeeding helps induce milk production.

6.You are what you eat

You are what you eat

Working on getting your body fit and healthy needs the adequately balanced diet. Remember, it is not advised to go on a diet right after giving birth. Our body does not stop on healing itself.

When you’re already active and feeling strong, then try a mild diet program for a start. Watch out for what you drink and eat to bring back the pretty glow in you too.

  • checkAvoid junk foods and other empty-calorie foods and sodas. 
  • checkIndulge in nutritious food like lean meat, milk, high-fiber, cereals, fresh fruits and green leafy vegetables.
  • checkDrinking a lot of water has its beauty magic too! When you crave for snacks, keep healthy nibbles at reach.
  • checkBreak down your food servings into small portions. Don’t eat too many at once. Eating frequently with limited quantity will help regulate your blood sugar. The thorough distribution of the calories during the day, are quickly burned by the body.

7.Be good to Yourself

Be good to Yourself

Start feeling beautiful again. Wake up with a fresh new feeling and a positive outlook on a happy day. Pamper yourself. Relax and reset as much as you can. Put on your favorite dress and call some mommy friends.

Tell yourself that you’re back and show to the world that you’re a much better and lovely you. Connecting with fellow mothers not only bring laughs around but is a perfect environment for learning on coping up being a new mom.

Simple Beauty Techniques for Moms

Simple Beauty Techniques for Moms

Having a baby is not that all complicated as you might think. Taking care of the baby is mostly motherly instinct. Besides, you’ll get thousands of advice on how to do it. Our newborn is the superstar of the crowd.

But how about you? Heed these postnatal care advise to bring back the pretty you. Check this out!

Dark Circles and Eye Bags

Dark circles are the culprit for making you look old. Worse, it would be paired up with eye bugs. These are common problems of moms because of sleep deprivation.

However, just a few cold slices of cucumber, potato, and chilled spoon or fork will do the trick. Just gently press it to your tired eyes for remedy. Better yet, application of concealer makes it easy to manage.

To lessen these scenarios, don’t drink a lot of water before sleeping and use a thick pillow when you lie down.

Dry and Dull skin

Our body does natural healing but doesn’t work overnight. Help out by drinking plenty of liquid to hydrate. Moisturize twice a day and cleanse regularly. Enjoy a relaxing a warm bath with scented or Epsom salts to the water.

The lack of sleep is causing dry complexion. Doing these tips will give you back your smooth and glowing skin.

Final Thoughts

Being a new mom is challenging, I know. But it’s also a time to celebrate and be thankful for a precious gift. The life of being a mom brings maturity, happiness and wisdom that is awe-inspiring.

You’ll be surprised, but being a mother alone makes you most precious and beautiful in the eyes of your baby and loved ones. Who needs expensive make-ups and lavish clothes? The new you is already pretty, inside and out!

Has these postnatal care guided a great help to you? Don’t forget to share these tips on how to bring back the pretty mom with your friends as well.


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