6 Tips For Pregnant Women To Stay Safe While Running

Are you one of those people who just love a good workout? In case that you are a girl, there might be a time when you won’t be able to get to the gym and start your favorite workout routine. When I was child bearing for the first time, this was hard for me. My pregnancy was great; I had so much energy that I have decided to go for jogging. Therefore, here are my rules on what you must pay attention to, to stay fit and safe while pregnant.

1. See the doctor first

See the doctor first

Before hitting the track, be sure that you visit your doctor, and ask him whether it is safe to go running. This should be your first thing on the list and could save you from complications later. Only after your chosen doctor had approved it, you are free to continue with preparations.

2. Get the proper equipment

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The equipment needed is just a tip of the iceberg, but still, you need to look into this. During my pregnancy, I had a bit of a trouble with swelling at the end of the second trimester, and that is why I had to buy new running shoes. Choosing one of those is not such a hard task, the only thing you should pay attention to is to pick those with better balance and excellent traction. Because of the condition, the balance of the body changes, and although walking is not such arduous task to perform, running is a whole different story.

As for the rest of the equipment, you can get creative and choose whichever tracksuit fits you, and makes you move freely. I’ve used my husband’s ordinary cotton-made tracksuit. Since he is bigger than I am, it was perfect for me. The shirt should also be made of cotton because that material makes your skin breathe and it is comfortable.

To avoid the appearance of melasma, wear good sports hat if you are jogging during warmer weather.

3. Take it easy

walking is a great thing to do

No matter in which trimester you are, you must take things slowly. Surely, there is a difference between running in your second and sixth month, but either way, to start from walking is a great thing to do. It is quite easy to switch from walking to a fast walk for a few minutes and then continue to run. Of course, the moderate tempo is advised, so don’t push yourself. The point of running is not to prepare for a marathon but to only shake up your organism a bit.

The thing which can make your running better, no matter whether you are pregnant or not, is the proper breathing. Good breathing rhythm can save you from stabbing pain which appears under the ribs. As the labor approaches, you will understand the need for proper breathing technique, something which I have also learned.

4. Be aware of your surroundings (and the weather)

No matter how well you know your running track, it is always best advised to get through it once more. A simple branch can get in your way, and before you noticed it, you are on the ground, palms scratched and knees are burning. This is a dangerous situation which every pregnant woman wants to avoid, so for your warming up routine, go through the whole track, and see if there is any debris which could cause potential fall, and remove it.

As for the weather, there are some benefits for people who work out in the heat, but for pregnant women, this should be strictly avoided. It is best to go for a jogging early in the morning, or in the evening if you are pregnant during summer. In case that you are expecting your baby in April, this means that you would go running in winter. This should be avoided at all cost because the snow and low temperatures can be hazardous. Still, there is an option to hit the gym in that case.

5. Mind the date

In the first two trimesters, you will be able to run more and to endure it without any significant problems than in the last one. As the time of labor approaches, you will notice that you lack energy and sometimes motivation. This is not in vain since the baby grows considerably, and you should pay attention to those signs.

So, if you feel tired and that your energy level drops do not force yourself. Take a long and relaxing walk instead of running.

6. Water is of utmost importance

Water is of utmost importance

The amount of liquid in your body increases during pregnancy, so sometimes you can feel heavy or heavy-footed. This is not an excuse to take cut on water during running routine, but the opposite. You must stay hydrated before running, during the route and after. Plain water was best suited for me, and therefore I recommend using it as well. The smell of the sports drinks made me sick, so water is the safest to take.

There are several ways to determine whether your body needs water. The color of urine is the most reliable one, so in case that you notice the color turns darker yellow, drink some water ASAP. The other way is to measure yourself before running, and afterward. The difference between two numbers is the amount of water you have lost, and which you need to compensate.


So, these are my tips for staying safe while running during pregnancy. I can’t stress enough that you do not need to go running specifically if you wish to remain in shape. There are lots of other programs which are easier for you to take. Yoga, walking, or simple exercises you can do in your apartment even if you have a tiny one-bedroom unit like this are all ideal for pregnant women to practice.

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