Eight Prenatal Workouts for Active Moms

It’s hilarious when old folks don’t approve on my exercise routines when I am pregnant. They believe that it could be harmful to the baby. The truth is there are prenatal workouts for active moms that are beneficial for both the baby and the mother.

Exercise helps maintain the ideal weight and prepares the body for a quick and safe labor. It also soothes and lifts the mood and lessen pregnancy worries such as puffiness, sleeplessness, constipation, and exhaustion.

How can I motivate you? Start with the simple routine and be surprised at how amazing it makes you feel!

8 Prenatal Workouts for Active Moms

These workout ideas are great for a motivated mom like you in keeping the health a priority. If this is your first time, you may want to take it slow. If you get the hang of it, try asking a professional for a pace best for you.

However, I suggest consulting your OB first before you start. Your OB can advise you if it’s safe or not.

1. Rowing Machine

It is safe to use a rowing machine when you are on your second to the third trimester. Rowing needs effort and strength. It makes me feel light and energetic. My feeling of nausea does not bother me as often as before.

I suggest investing in the best home rowing machines for mums. It doesn’t matter when your belly has gone bigger. Just change a little bit of your position to provide space for your growing belly. Rowing is a cardio exercise that offers relief to the joints, hips and the back.

Here is a video showing you how to use a rowing machine when pregnant:

2. Swimming

Swimming is my favorite exercise when pregnant

Swimming is my favorite exercise when pregnant. It does not feel like I am exercising at all but just purely enjoying the moment. I even love the part where I float with my big belly right on top.

The gentle strokes in the water help in the relief of my puffy ankles and the constant movement offer a remedy to my aching back.

3. Yoga

Who doesn’t know about Yoga? Even before I got pregnant, I have joined my yogi friends to learn yoga. Yoga is a perfect exercise to make the muscles strong and helps you relax. I never gave up on Yoga and even asked for assistance from the instructor.

Pregnant women have specific routines to follow so make sure sticking to it.

4. Cycling

I refrain from doing my afternoon biking when I got pregnant. However, I do it at home. I guess I’ll be able to put up a mini gym at home since it’s too risky for me to do workouts outdoors. Using my stationary bike still does wonders to my legs, even with this big belly.

This exercise boosts the heart rate without risking and stressing the joints. I suggest adjusting the height of the hand bars to make room for your belly.

Here is a video showing you how to do it when pregnant.

5. Weight Lifting

REMEMBER to do these using lightweights only. If you have been doing heavy weights before you got pregnant, I suggest doing it in moderation now that you are expecting. Avoid routine that requires lying on your back.

You might want to ask for help from your doctor and instructor for the best weights that is safe for you and the baby.

6. Hiking

You may be on a treadmill or wishing for the outdoors, but it doesn’t matter. The result is still the same. Walking is always beneficial to pregnant women who are almost due for delivery. The physical activity aids for a short labor and swift delivery.

Start by covering a short distance and slow pace and increase the speed day by day.

Walking is always beneficial to pregnant women

7. Stretching

Frequent stretching enhances flexibility, strength and relieves back pain. Although stretching is used for warm-ups and cooling down when you are doing a routine exercise, you can do it anywhere. Do the stretching even when you are at the office, outdoors or by yourself.

Remember to be always on the lookout.

8. Dancing

Music during workouts inspires me. Dancing is a good cardio exercise that you can modify, as you like. Try adjusting the moves when dancing to give space for the belly.

Well okay, I do freestyle when dancing or whatever. But as long as I know it won’t harm my baby, why not?


Honestly, exercise is the last thing I would like to do when pregnant. However, knowing that it’s beneficial in my condition, I have to improvise to at least enjoy the moment. These prenatal workouts for active moms I mentioned are my favorite selection. I enjoy doing them that I never feel like exercising at all.

Don’t stress yourself. Exercise is supposed to be fun! Think of a physical activity that makes you happy. Improvise to suit your pregnancy needs. Start from there. Then, share it with me!

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