When Can You Find Out Baby Gender? The Ways to Predict Baby’s Sex

While carrying your baby, you’re probably wondering about his (or her) gender! I’m sure you can’t wait to find out if you’ll be painting your room pink or blue, but the question is: “When can you find out baby gender?” Many factors can affect your baby’s gender during conception, which can help you and your partner conceive a baby of your preferred gender.

So if you want to know about your baby’s gender, read on as I show you the details that affect this and how you can find out if your little one will be a girl or a boy!


When Can You Find Out Baby Gender?

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You won’t be able to know your baby’s gender until the 20th week of pregnancy. It will be revealed through an ultrasound, but there are times where it isn’t even fully guaranteed!

The way you’ll be able to find out your baby’s gender is through checking an ultrasound for its genitals. A baby’s penis or vulva would begin to form at six weeks old, though it would still be difficult to tell them apart even after 18 weeks, which is why 20 weeks or so would be the appropriate time to have it checked.

Other more accurate ways to tell if you are conceiving a boy or a girl is through blood tests that would determine if your baby suffers from genetic disorders or abnormalities. It looks for the male sex chromosome to determine your baby’s gender. These tests are usually one between 10 to 20 weeks, depending on what you are getting.

Besides that, Chinese gender charts are one traditional way to determine your baby’s gender, which proves to be 90% correct if you use it correctly. These calendars can also predict the best time you can have sex to conceive a particular gender.

There are compelling ways to tell your baby’s gender even before that, though. Many cultures have their superstitions and beliefs about predicting the baby’s gender. Some pregnant women swear that those who crave for salty and savory foods conceive boys, or have no nausea and morning sickness at all. Even the slower heart rate or different bump position of your belly are said to predict your baby’s sex before an ultrasound does.

Can You Change Your Baby’s Gender?

What you should know about conception is that it’s the man who influences the sex of the baby.

Also, there’s no surefire way to change your baby’s gender but to follow certain diets and know when to have sex to encourage male (or female) sperm into your egg.

Meaning to say, you can’t change your baby’s gender once the egg is fertilized. BUT, there are ways to encourage one gender over another during conception. You can follow lifestyle changes to either get a boy, a girl, or even twins!

Even then, there is no surefire way to have the gender you want, unless you take in medical procedures, which are very expensive.

What Affects the Baby’s Gender During Conception?

Various things that can affect your baby’s gender, which is why you can find tips to follow on how to conceive a boy or a girl.

  • What you and your partner eats can help encourage conception of a boy. If you eat food with a better alkaline level, it will enable you to have a more welcoming home. Doing this would allow male sperm to enter quickly and enter the egg. For men, drinking caffeinated drinks can encourage male sperm count to rise and enter your uterus.
  • Your sex habits can also affect your baby’s gender. Women would conceive boys when having sex during the closest time of their ovulation period since there is a better chance of male sperm entering the uterus.
  • Female chromosomes are stronger than male chromosomes, which is why your sex lifestyle and what you eat are significant factors to making your uterus more “welcoming” for a boy. Which is why many say that it’s much easier to conceive a girl.
  • Does your husband’s family conceive more girls than boys or vice versa? Then chances are that he would produce better quality sperm depending on what runs in his family.


I hope that this article completely answers your question: “When can you find out baby gender?” Now that you know the answer, you now know when to get that checkup and begin decorating your baby’s room. Plus, through knowing what can affect the baby’s gender during conception, you can search up on some tips and hopefully give birth to the beautiful boy or girl to raise.

If you have any questions or would like to share your experiences with conceiving a boy or girl, then comment down below. I would love to hear what you have to think.

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