Priority#1: How to Keep Your Family Safe from Toxic Chemicals?

I was in a panic. So many fears are in my mind. The seminar about safety hit me so hard. I learned plenty of ways to expose ourselves to toxins. How to keep your family from toxic chemicals?

Have you ever thought about that? You may not think about it seriously. But now I know the importance of being careful. Let me share with you some tips to keep our loved ones from lethal substances.


Toxic Chemicals Explained

Any element that is dangerous to our surroundings or risk to our well-being if breathed in, eaten, or absorbed through skin contamination is known as a toxic chemical. It exists at work, outdoors and even at home.

That’s right. It’s everywhere.

At least we should know the different sources so we would know how to keep our family safe from toxic chemicals. Here are the types of toxic chemicals and know what and where to avoid them.

  • Industrial and Occupational Toxic Chemicals
    These are substances commonly used in laboratories and factories situated in industrial areas and markets. When you are working on companies that have these elements, you are a high risk to be contaminated.For instance, acetone, chlorine, isopropyl alcohol, bromine, etc. 
  • Natural Toxic Chemicals
    Toxicity found in nature could be alarming. However, it’s always there even before. Nature has its spite to share. Sometimes, these harmful compounds are just an end-result of metabolism. For instance, as self-defense from harmful insects, a plant secretes deadly chemicals. This occurrence is true to animals too like snake venom. And do you know that caffeine is under the toxic category? Laughs to that!
  • Toxic chemicals at HOME
    Sad to say, our home is not an exemption to these poisonous chemicals. Each day, we’re becoming more dependent on what the market can offer merely to make our life easier. Think about our detergents, gasoline, cleaners and even batteries. Yeah, they all are hazards to our health.

Now that I have clarified some primary points about toxic chemicals, here are some ideas on how to keep our family safe from it.  My tips are practical and logical. Just what a mother like me can immediately implement to protect all who’s dear.

How to Keep Your Family Safe from Toxic Chemicals?

Let’s start with yourself. I started eliminating probable exposure to particular toxins from my stuff. It’s a significant change, but it’s worth it.

  • Throw away cosmetics and other care products that contain hormone disruptor chemicals (triclosan), parabens, sodium laureth sulfate, etc. Read the ingredient list of your favorite makeup, lotions, hygiene soap, and even essential oils. Get rid of those you suspect a risk.

    Be sure to be extra careful when you’re pregnant, and I suggest to stay away from any probable exposure to toxic chemicals.  Contact with such can harm the fetus.
  • Find merchandises that are plant-based components as a replacement for petrochemicals.

  • It’s a huge adjustment especially for teens, but it’s safer to use fragrance-free products. Synthetic scents have toxic chemical phthalates. For the creative you, start making your beauty products. It’s not only harmless but cheap too. 

Taking care of the little ones; nothing is more special than our kids. I’ve got to be in detail to keep them away from harm.

Explaining to kids could be a bit hard since children don’t fully understand the essence of it all. It’s always havoc particularly when it comes to their favorite toys.

  • Begin with the habit of careful selection of toys during every purchase. PVC and vinyl are examples of materials that have a high probability of containing toxins. Reading the labels will save you from further health problems.
  • Wooden toys are not even an exception. Notice the paint that makes them look cool? Paints and wood treatment contain hazardous chemicals. However, pick the kind that has a natural finish like beeswax.
  • Alternatives are plenty when it comes to kids’ stuff. If you’re interested, check out water-based paints and crayons, homemade dough and other fun DIY toys.

What else do you need to do?

Look around you. How else can you keep your family from toxic chemicals?

  • I say, do a bit of research makes a big difference. Learn the common toxic chemicals found in all the things you purchase. It doesn’t end with cosmetics and toys. How about the cleaners and the laundry softeners? Look for a way to get rid of them. Think of alternatives.
  • Be sure to label containers that hold harmful stuff inside. If you repacked your laundry soap, set aside the box to a place where your kids can’t reach. Ingesting toxic products is an emergency situation. The same procedure holds true for medicines too.
  • Wear protective gears when you’re using cleaning products. Pro-active is vital to prevent accidents. A mask, for instance, is essential so not to inhale toxins. Let me remind you to apply such chemicals at a well-ventilated area for minimal risk.
  • If prevention is impossible and the need arises to use such toxic chemicals, make sure to clean and leave no trace of such afterward. Containers and chemicals’ storage must be in an area that kids can’t enter. Place “TOXIC” or “DANGER” label on the door for warning purposes.
  • Go “BPA-Free” and discourage yourself from consuming canned goods. Choose fresh fruits and veggies for food.
  • In the kitchen, it’s healthy to opt for glass jars and ceramic pots to store your food. Pick cast iron or stainless steel cookware and remember, NEVER microwave plastic containers.


Knowing that we have grown to be dependent on products that we call our comforts, it’s quite difficult to avoid and live without day by day. It’s a big step to transform our lives to a toxin-free environment. But trying the tips I’ve mentioned is a good start. It’s our only power to save the future!

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