Best Baby Thermometer 2020: Accurate Reading for Your Child’s Safety

A fever is a sign of various medical conditions. You don’t need to be a geek mom to know when the baby needs you.

However, just placing your palm on the baby’s forehead is not enough to determine the temperature. As a mom, I need more accuracy.

It’s a good thing we have medical tools to use when it comes to common baby health conditions at home. The best baby thermometer is your handy tool to monitor the baby’s fever.

Knowing the exact baby temperature will help you decide whether your baby needs to go to a doctor, constant monitoring or medication.

How to know which is the right one for your baby? I’ve come up with this buying guide to make it easier for you!

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The different types of baby thermometer

I understand that the best baby thermometer is a need in every household. But then again, don’t be too hasty in buying one. You need to know the kind that is suited for your baby.

I’ll tell you about the different kinds of thermometer available in the market and pick the right one.

The different types of baby thermometer

Rectal thermometer

This type is known to be the most precise baby thermometer there is. It is the most uncomfortable among the rest, but sadly it’s true. It might not be what you like but, if you want the most reliable kind, this is your pick. Make sure to buy the design that has a stretchy tip and a wide base. With that particular features, it avoids the risk of inserting the thermometer too far.

Temporal artery or Forehead thermometers

Do you want the newest product introduced in the medical industry? It cost a little bit higher but is reasonable. This type is using infrared technology to measure the baby’s temperature through the temporal artery at the forehead. This time, you don’t need to touch the baby. It’s considered to be the safest and convenient thermometer that is accurate at the same time. It applies to children of all ages and hospitals is using it too.

Axillary or Armpit Thermometer

Axillary or Armpit Thermometer

I don’t recommend this type for you to use. Of all variations, this is the least accurate. Although you can use this one, it should be the last choice.If you like an economical thermometer like the armpit type, you might as well pick the under-the-tongue digital thermometer. That type is more reliable.

Ear Canal Thermometers

This type is the most common thermometer among the best baby thermometer review list that you can find in the household. Ear canal thermometers are appropriate for children one year and above. The downside of this type is the difficulty of using. You need to place it in the correct position in the arms for precision. Remember to not apply this to babies under one year old. Their ear canals are still too narrow for correct reading.

Ear Canal Thermometers

Oral Thermometers

This kind is cheap and accurate to use. Just put the thermometer under the tongue for a minute for the result. Oral thermometers are best for children four years old and above.

Pacifier Thermometers

Pacifier thermometers are suitable designs for infants whose parents are looking for convenience. The built-in thermometer in the pacifier, unfortunately, does not produce a precise reading. It is a valid reason why pediatricians discourage parents from using this kind.

Buying the Right Kind of Baby Thermometer

Be careful in choosing the right type of thermometer. Remember the critical factors below that you need to consider before deciding to buy one.

The Best Baby Thermometer Review 2018

1. Medical Ear Thermometer with Forehead Function

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For the most comfortable and practical way to take a body temperature, this product excels. It’s popular that Medical Ear’s revolutionized technology along with consistency and reliability has an unmatched record of performance. The consistent clinical calibration of this dual mode function (ear and forehead) thermometer is an assurance for medical use.

The clinical thermometer delivers temperature readings with unfailing accuracy and very fast. This type is perfect for parents with little children; it’s incredibly convenient to take the temperature of your toddler without them even noticing.

As the pediatricians and medical professionals testify, this thermometer is the #1 clinically tested (FDA approved) and secure solution for all ages. The easy back-light screen makes it possible to do the reading effortlessly at night.

It is hassle free! With just two buttons, head and ear, this electronic thermometer are very simple to use. How to know how fast it gives the reading? In only three seconds you’ll hear a notification beep for you to check.

Beep is loud enough for you to hear and quiet enough not to wake your sleeping baby. The professional medical equipment comes with a fever alarm. It requires no cover, and it quickly recalls the last 20 readings!

This high-quality product can read the temperature in Fahrenheit and Celsius.


  • thumbs-o-upHighly accurate
  • thumbs-o-upInexpensive
  • thumbs-o-upThe size is ideal
  • thumbs-o-upI like the traveling case that comes with it
  • thumbs-o-upClear display is easy to read
  • thumbs-o-upEasy to switch between forehead and ear
  • thumbs-o-upSimple to clean
  • thumbs-o-upWorth the money


  • thumbs-downIt’s hard to find in stores
  • thumbs-downIt breaks easily

2. Innovo Medical Forehead and Ear (Dual Mode) Thermometer

[amazon box=”B0719PMPHY” grid=”1″]

This thermometer has a dual mode feature that is so useful. You can use it via forehead and the ear. The product is clinically tested and proven to be reliable and accurate when used by instructions.

This thermometer has the latest infra-red scanning lens that makes it so quick and easy to use. Don’t worry, it has an advanced shield to reflect infra-red away from the environment.

Just press F1 for forehead reading and F2 for ear reading. The LCD screen instantly displays the results in Fahrenheit or Celsius. What’s more, it can store up to 20 readings for easy monitoring.

Innovo thermometer features seven rapid beeps and flickering light when temp exceeds 37.5 degrees Celsius and works under a wide range of environmental temperature. With its AccuSense sensor, it boasts the reading accuracy that you need.


  • thumbs-o-upWorth the price
  • thumbs-o-upWorks well for any age
  • thumbs-o-upEasy to use


  • thumbs-downThe battery cover kept popping off
  • thumbs-downThe beeping sound is noisy

3. Exergen Temporal Scan Forehead Artery Baby Thermometer

[amazon box=”B004T6G550″ grid=”1″]

Exergen thermometer features red LED lights and soft beep sound to indicate the correct scan result. It’s safe and secure to use. Just gently stoke at the forehead to capture the heat for an accurate reading.

This thermometer needs a battery to work. However, current design does not have a backlight. On the brighter side, the following stocks will come upgraded; in fact, the new arrivals already have one.

So, if you want to use one of the best baby thermometers the same as the experts chose, I recommend this for you.


  • thumbs-o-upFast and easy to use
  • thumbs-o-upVery reliable
  • thumbs-o-upConsistent readings
  • thumbs-o-upClear to see the display


  • thumbs-downNot very sturdy

4. Braun Forehead Thermometer

[amazon box=”B00EP1ZLO0″ grid=”1″]

This product is a forehead thermometer type, and its manufacturing site is in the USA. The plastic material medical tool has a sizeable color-coded screen for fever detection. For the convenience of the parents, this thermometer is non-invasive, safe and hygienic. Just swipe the thermometer diagonally on the forehead for a few seconds for an accurate reading.

Braun Forehead thermometer features a color-coded fever guidance system. You’re provided with two buttons on the front of the device (a white power button towards the switch of the handle and a green temperature button to take a temperature measurement). Gently press the buttons to work.

It’s fast, and easy to use. The easy to read screen displays green when there’s no fever, yellow for slight and red for a high temperature. What’s more, it has a backlight for readings in dim lighting.

However, this temperature only displays temperature in Fahrenheit.


  • thumbs-o-upI like the design. The part that touches the forehead is soft.
  • thumbs-o-upIt’s convenient with the viewing screen facing me when taking the temperature.
  • thumbs-o-upThe children like it so no more stress for parents.
  • thumbs-o-upPrice is reasonable
  • thumbs-o-upQuality product for the price


  • thumbs-downNot 100% accurate
  • thumbs-downHard to reset

5. Braun Digital Ear Thermometer Suitable for all Ages

[amazon box=”B00MUK6M82″ grid=”1″]

This Braun ThermoScan5 Ear thermometer is gentle, safe and easy to use on the entire family. Trusted by medical experts and pediatrician worldwide than any other infrared thermometer brands, it features a pre-warmed tip that aids to ensure accuracy.

ExacTemp positioning system confirms good thermometer position in the ear with a light and a beep to ensure accurate temperature measurement. Memory function records the last 20 readings that makes it easy for you track fluctuations.

It has a large, clear screen for easy to read digital display (both Fahrenheit and Celsius.) This product is typically designed to give parents some peace of mind when your child comes down with a fever. It has all the features you’ll ever need in a thermometer.

The buying package includes a thermometer, protective case, 21 lens filters (okay to use up to 6 times) and batteries. But the downside part, you can’t see the reading in the dark and can’t be used without a lens filter!


  • thumbs-o-upUser-friendly
  • thumbs-o-upSuperior in accuracy
  • thumbs-o-upEasily switches between Fahrenheit and Celsius
  • thumbs-o-upIt comes with a cute plastic holder
  • thumbs-o-upAffordable


  • thumbs-downScreen is not backlit
  • thumbs-downNo temperature guidance

Safety Tips for using a baby thermometer

Sure thermometers are tools to make our life stress-free when we have someone with fever and needs monitoring. However, you need to take some precautionary measures in some situations.

  • checkDon’t use thermometers with Mercury– I grew up familiar with the traditional glass thermometer. I just realized now that it was hazardous when broken. Aside from the risk of being cut by glass debris, it contains mercury that is poisonous.
  • checkDon’t buy pacifier thermometers– it may look cute and convenient for you as a parent, but this thermometer takes a longer time to get the temperature reading. And what is worse, its reading is never accurate. What’s more, if you buy a low-quality product, it could be a choking hazard to your baby too.
  • checkDon’t use oral thermometers for babies– apparently, this type of thermometer is not sufficient to babies who can’t hold it yet in their mouth. This kind is suitable for children old enough to keep it firmly in their mouth.
  • checkAlways keep the thermometer clean– whatever type of thermometer you have at home, always keep it clean. The germs in it might make your baby sick again.
  • checkAlways Read instructions– you don’t want to miss important points in using the thermometer. For an accurate reading, follow the instructions.
  • checkNever leave your baby unattended– Always make sure that you stay with your baby while taking the temperature reading to avoid unexpected accidents.

My Best Pick

Have you already picked the right thermometer for you? I have given you the necessary guideline for an easy decision when buying. Let me share with you my own choice. The product that is my best pick is Medical Ear and Forehead Thermometer.

This product fits right into my budget and is proven accurate. Aside from that, it’s clear and easy to read, so it’s very convenient even when during travels.

Final thoughts

One purpose of this article is to let parents consider that keeping the best baby thermometer at home is practical and wise. Monitoring baby’s temperature will determine whether she needs medical attention from a pediatrician or not.

So, buy the product that you think will work best for you. I have given you the best choices that are top in the market and are highly recommended by medical experts. The list was carefully selected based on the highest positive reviews from customers.

If you find this helpful, feel free to share and hit the like button!

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