Best Crib Sheets 2020: Look Who’s Sleeping Soundly!

Becoming a parent is one of the most fulfilling experiences one can have in their lifetime. But when caring for a baby, you’ll need to make sure that you do it right! This means investing in the right things for your baby to stay healthy and comfortable, with one of them being the best crib sheets!

But with the many crib sheets available today, which one should you purchase? Read on as I show you the top five best crib sheets and more information on these baby essentials.

What Are Crib Sheets?

What Are Crib Sheets

Your sheets are an essential part of any bed. These are rectangular pieces of cloth made to cover your mattress. They are laid either above or below your bed, with many types of designs and material to choose from.

But the standard bed sheet may be too big for your baby’s crib mattress. That’s why there are sheets that follow the standard sizing of cribs, which are called crib sheets. These crib sheets are made with various types of material to keep your baby safe and comfortable while sleeping. There are many tips of crib sheets to choose from, mainly depending on material and design!

Benefits of Using Crib Sheets


You’re probably wondering why your baby needs their sheets when their mattresses are soft enough for them to sleep on. Well, while that may be true, there are many benefits having crib sheets will do for your baby, such as:

Sensitive Skin

Sleeping on just the mattress alone can prove to be uncomfortable, especially since beds are known to have hard or itchy covers. But with a soft crib sheet made out of the right types of material, your baby will enjoy a comfortable rest without the risk of any skin rashes. It’s ideal for your baby’s soft and sensitive skin.

Fresh Designs

What’s great about owning a set of crib sheets is that they come in abundant designs you can choose from, making it easy for you to design your baby’s room. You can make a choice between unisex, male, or female models that put an extra personality to the crib without over decorating.

Easy to Clean

Crib sheets are easier to clean than the mattress. Since it will cover the bedding, you’ll enjoy less hassle of cleaning the under part, which is more tedious and will take the time to dry. Instead, you just replace the crib sheets and wash it in the machine, letting it dry up within a day. And with great-smelling and clean sheets, your baby will be safe and free from any rashes.

Better for Mattress

Since the crib sheets will be covering the mattress, it protects it from any form of dust and dirt that ruin it in the long run. The sheets act as a barrier that reduces the moisture absorption of your baby’s mattress, which results in a longer lifespan for your mattresses.

How to Care for Crib Sheets

How can you properly let your baby sleep with his new set of crib sheets? Here are some tips you can follow:

  • Make sure that you wash the crib sheets right. Put it in the wash with mild laundry detergent made for baby laundry for sensitive skin. Only use warm water.
  • Use fitted sheets to avoid it from getting out of the mattress, which is potentially dangerous for your baby.
  • Avoid adding too many toys or trinkets around your baby’s crib, as this may cause suffocation. A few pillows and the crib sheet on the mattress is excellent. Another way to avoid suffocation would be having your baby sleep face up rather than face down.
  • check If your baby soils the crib sheets or you find dust and dirt, replace it immediately instead of waiting to wash it on the days you are meant to do so.

How to Purchase the Best Crib Sheets

Now that you’re familiar with what crib sheets are and what they can do for your baby, the next question is: How can you choose the best one suitable for the crib AND your child? Here are some valuable tips and factors to consider:


You will want to make sure that you get not only the soft material for your baby but also something that is hypoallergenic and with the material that can fight away bacteria. Here are the choices:

  • Cotton sheets are your basic sheets that are affordable and soft. Most crib sheets are made out of quality cotton that focus more on the baby’s comfort. They are hypoallergenic and easy to clean, though if you purchase cheap cotton, they shrink when washed.
  • check Polyester is soft and cuddly, thick enough to provide warmth and durable for its thickness and softness to withstand.
  • check Flannel sheets are soft and not very coarse, keeping your baby warm. Plus, the prints do not fade. BUT, they aren’t as durable as cotton or polyester and are more suitable for colder weather.
  • check Organic crib sheets are thick and durable, with a heavy material made for quality and softness. It’s ideal for environmentally-friendly people.
  • check Bamboo crib sheets are a new type of material, known to be hypoallergenic and anti-microbial, making it safe for your baby. Plus, it regulates temperature while keeping your baby’s sensitive skin safe and comfortable.

Ease of Cleaning

It’s best to find a crib sheet you can easily wash in the laundry machine for ease of use and replacement. Find one that’s safe to use in the machine, so you won’t have to hassle yourself. It’s also best to find ones that have the elastic bands around the sides, so you won’t need to worry about the sheets from getting out of the mattress.


Many crib sheets come in one standard size, making it easy to choose based on this factor. But you’ll still need to make sure that you find a crib sheet bigger than the measurements of your baby’s mattress to assure that it will fit.

Here is an excellent video explaining what type of crib sheet you should get: 

Crib Sheets Reviews

The Five Crib Sheets You Should Invest In

Based on my research, tests, and overall customer reviews, here are the best crib sheets you should try today:

1. Jomolly Crib Sheets


What I appreciate about Jomolly’s crib sheets is the fact that it’s an affordable baby product with the excellent quality you and your baby will enjoy. I like the simple yet stylish designs that are suitable for either girl or boy baby, with chevron and star patterns that match any nursery.

The material is made out of Jersey cotton, built for both comfort and durability. Its size is perfect for any crib mattress and has an elastic band that will fit your bed and stays secure. It’s machine washable and comes in a set of two, so you won’t need to worry about your baby sleeping without a sheet.

All in all, it’s the basic and quality crib sheets you need at an affordable price.


  • thumbs-o-upSuper soft material
  • thumbs-o-up Washes well
  • thumbs-o-up Easy to slide and fits most standard crib mattresses
  • thumbs-o-up Simple designs
  • thumbs-o-up Reusable and simple packaging
  • thumbs-o-up Affordable


  • thumbs-downWon’t hold its form after a few months
  • thumbs-down Not waterproof for babies who wet the bed

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2. Cuddly Cubs Crib Sheets


Cuddly Cubs offers another set of basic fitted crib sheets that are perfect for the standard crib mattresses. I love how soft these crib sheets are, with the breathable and lightweight material safe for even the most sensitive of skin. It is also hypoallergenic and made out of the premium Jersey knit cotton, so your baby will sleep the whole time soundly.

I also appreciate the gender neutral designs. They look so cute and vibrant, perfect for gifts or your baby. It’s easy to clean and maintain, also easy to put it on the mattress. I don’t complain of wrinkles as well!


  • thumbs-o-upEasy to wash and fit into mattresses
  • thumbs-o-up No wrinkles
  • thumbs-o-up Cute gender neutral designs
  • thumbs-o-up Very soft and hypoallergenic
  • thumbs-o-up Excellent customer service


  • thumbs-downIt’s not waterproof
  • thumbs-down Some have complained of receiving brand new sheets with holes
  • thumbs-down Narrow width and may not fit some mattresses

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3. Ely’s and Co. Crib Sheet Set


The first things I want to comment on about Ely’s and Co’s crib sheets are the cute designs and fantastic packaging. The gender-neutral patterns will be a great hit in any crib, along with its flexible fit in almost any mattress. It also has the tight elastic band for ultra safety and durability.

The fabric is very soft and lightweight, making it best for your baby’s skin and easy to wash. It’s breathable for the baby, and you can truly feel the quality in the sheets. All in all, it’s a great purchase, may it be as a gift or for your baby.


  • thumbs-o-upThick but lightweight and breathable material
  • thumbs-o-up Ultra soft and comfortable
  • thumbs-o-up Easy to replace and put on mattresses
  • thumbs-o-up Cute design and packaging
  • thumbs-o-up Cleans stains well


  • thumbs-downHas a smell upon opening
  • thumbs-down Shrinks a bit after being in the washer and dryer
  • thumbs-down Elastic might be too tight for some mattresses

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4. Burt’s Bees Baby Solid Fitted Crib Sheet


While Burt’s Bees Baby has a crib sheet slightly more expensive than the usual ones, you’ll see why based on the quality alone. It’s made out of organic material that is safe for both your baby and the environment. It’s one of the coziest and breathable fabric I’ve ever encountered, and I’m sure that your baby will enjoy it as well. It’s naturally hypoallergenic and built for the highest of standards, guaranteeing both durability and coziness your baby will love.

It’s durable, fits most mattresses, and with the attractive design. What more can you ask for?


  • thumbs-o-upSoft, cozy, and breathable
  • thumbs-o-up Naturally hypoallergenic and lightweight
  • thumbs-o-up Great fit for all mattresses
  • thumbs-o-up Organic material for eco-friendly parents
  • thumbs-o-up Attractive and simple design


  • thumbs-downA bit more expensive than other mattresses
  • thumbs-down Colors may not b similar to images
  • thumbs-down Priced for only one- No set

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5. American Baby Company Supreme Jersey Knit Fitted Crib Sheet


American Baby Company has the cute and bright colors to choose from, making it match al types of nurseries. It’s made out of supreme Jersey cotton for exceptional comfort, with the quality and snugness your baby will enjoy. I love the style and how durable it is, no matter how many times you put it in the easy. It’s also easy to clean, and stains won’t stick to it. And for its price, I can say it’s worth the purchase.


  • thumbs-o-upVery durable and without wrinkles
  • thumbs-o-up Many attractive colors to choose from
  • thumbs-o-up Soft and cozy material
  • thumbs-o-up Affordable with quality construction


  • thumbs-downThinner than other sheets
  • thumbs-down Attracts dust and hair easily
  • thumbs-down Some have complained about it being too tight

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When it comes to being prepared for your baby, you need to ensure good health and safety while he’s sleeping. After all, your baby will be in his crib or your arms as he grows into a toddler, so you need to keep him comfortable ad without chances of skin rashes or suffocation. With soft crib sheets, you won’t only get a quality bedding for your baby, but at a cool design that will match the room.

Out of all the crib sheets available to purchase, the best one would have to go to Jomolly Crib Sheets. It surpasses quality and fit, with the Jersey cotton feeling ultra soft and comfortable, suitable for a baby’s sensitive skin. They also come with an elastic band on the sides to secure the sheets in the mattress, assuring you that they won’t get out and wrap your baby around. Plus, it makes it easy to put in, no matter the time. As long as your baby’s mattress is the standard size, you won’t have any trouble using them.

And with unisex designs in an all-white star or chevron pattern, it will look simple yet stylish, putting a whole new design to your baby’s room.

I hope that this article on the best crib sheets helped you become more knowledgeable on what you need to purchase for your baby’s bed. So what are you waiting for? Invest in the best and have your baby sleeping soundly.

If you enjoyed the article or would like to share your reviews on crib sheets, then comment down below. I would love to hear what you have to think.

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