Best Formula for Gas 2020: 5 Leading Brands that Makes Baby Happy

Next to this gassy baby is a sad mommy. I get that. And when the baby starts to cry endlessly, then mommy turns grumpy. I know the feeling!

No need to fret. Let’s focus.

Babies are prone to gas pains particularly when given formula. They ingest air while they suckle and mostly when bottle-fed. When they cry a lot, they likewise swallow more air. Don’t worry, it’s normal.

The good news is, there are best formulas for gas. The manufacturers explicitly make the formulas as a relief to babies’ gassy digestive system. That’s why I prepared a selection of the best that you can find on the market. Go for it!

How to tell that your baby is gassy?

your baby is gassy

It’s vital to know that your baby is suffering from gas pains. It’s hard to tell why our baby is uncomfortable. However, learning the signs is essential to help our little one.

  • Flushed Face
  • Frequent crying
  • Agitation after feeding
  • Clenched fist
  • Vigorous kicking and placing legs up towards the abdomen
  • Hard belly
  • Flatulence and burps

It’s common knowledge that taking in more air than usual makes babies gassy. Some instances are:

  • Frequent crying
  • Milk flow is too fast while feeding. Check the nipple of the bottle. In most situation, the hole is too big that the baby gulps the milk quickly instead of the usual pace.
  • Milk flow is too slow while feeding. In this case, the nipple hole may be too small that babies swallow more air in the desperation to suck more milk
  • Accumulated bubbles in the milk that forms from shaking the bottle
But do you know that formulas could be​​​​​ the rea​​​​son too?

I know that you picked the best baby formula you can get. But most available choice currently is made of cow’s milk. Some babies can’t tolerate such mix and are overly sensitive to it. Side-effects of the situation could be diarrhea and gas.

If your baby happens to be one of them, the upset tummy is no longer a mystery.

Let me recommend to you the best formula for gas. One from the five on the list may be the solution that you are looking for!

What to look for when choosing the best formula for gas?

choosing the best formula for gas

It’s better to give you an idea of what to consider when buying a formula that is right for your baby. Seeking advice from professionals about this matter is most helpful too.

  • checkEasy to Digest : Formulas that are made to break down quickly (broken form) helps the digestive system of babies that are still slow in working.
  • checkVitamins and Nutrients : For mothers that can’t breastfeed, formulas that offers full nutrition similar to mother’s milk is a vital aspect.
  • checkLow Level of lactose : Lactose intolerant babies need this formula to avoid suffering from extreme allergy effects.
  • checkOrganic : You may not consider this as a priority, but being organic has several advantages too. Organic formulas are free from pesticides, growth hormones, and genetically altered components.

Best Formulas To Reduce Gas

1. Baby’s Only Organic LactoRelief

Baby’s Only Organic LactoRelief


Take it from the moms who understand what you’re going through. This formula is made to imitate best what breast milk can give to babies. It offers the right amount of protein, essential fats, vitamins and carbohydrates crucial to support the growth of your child.

Baby’s Only organic formula is intended for babies suffering from feeding difficulties and food sensitivities like milk protein allergies and lactose sensitivity that causes gas pains. This milk is an excellent choice for parents who avoid soy milk protein in baby’s intakes.

This milk-based formula used special enzymes to lessen lactose or milk sugar. Positive reviews are flooding from satisfied mothers who found out that this is not just effective but tastes good as well.

2. Earth’s Best Organic Low lactose Sensitivity Infant Formula

Earth’s Best Organic Low lactose Sensitivity Infant Formula


If you’re looking for a solution to your baby’s gas problems, you’ve found the best option. This formula is milk-based, contains lutein for the eyes, DHA/ARA and prebiotics fiber for immunity. Being organic, it contains no added syrup and has high level of iron.

Earth’s Best is a tummy friendly formula that is easy-to-digest and provides complete nutrition for your baby. This lactose milk-based formulation is a soft powder that’s easy to dissolve and the closest in resemblance to breast milk. Therefore, it’s a perfect alternative to breastfeeding.

Moms have commented that upon using this formula, their babies sleep better and longer. Respective tummies adjusted so well with the gentle formula. Saying goodbye to fussy little ones is a massive difference in their lives.

3. Enfamil Nutramigen with Enflora LGG Infant Formula

Enfamil Nutramigen with Enflora LGG Infant Formula


Desperate on finding solutions? If you want fast relief like NOW to allergies and digestive problems, Nutramigen may be the formula that can help. This hypoallergenic formula is known to have managed colic after the first feeding. For the record, 90% of the babies’ condition shown improvement within two days. Hence, the probiotic LGG continues to maintain digestive health for your little one.Consuming this formula will discourage future allergy challenges. Your infant’s immune system gets what it needs to endure milk proteins enabling you to shift to traditional milk later on. Nutramigen is intended to satisfy the nutrition your baby needs. According to the testimonies of mommies who benefited from this formula, their miserable, writhing, fussy babies changed to happy and calm darlings. Now moms can enjoy their sleep and have fun again!

4. Similac Sensitive Formula with Iron

Similac Sensitive Formula with Iron


Your long search is over! Similac Sensitive formula is a milk-based formula that is made to alleviate your baby’s fussiness and gas due to lactose sensitivity. It features nutrients that are vital for brain and eye development. It’s trusted to contain complete nutrition for sensitive tummies and prebiotics to nourish the immune system.Using this formula, baby’s extreme crying due to tummy pain decreases within a day. Sure aids moms to forget intolerance behind together with baby’s distress. In fact, Similac is the #1 infant formula popularly chosen by hospitals. However, I recommend that you consult your pediatrician before converting formulas. Experts guide you on what needs to be in consideration for a smooth shift. To mention, please take note that this formula is not for infants with galactosemia.

5. Gerber Good Start Soothe Non-GMO Powder Infant Formula

Gerber Good Start Soothe Non-GMO Powder


No, don’t think that you’re forever be depriving of sleep. Gerber has formulated a powder milk that can reduce baby crying by 50% among colicky infants. This Non-GMO powder formula is an excellent start to relieve excessive crying, colic, fussiness, and gas from babies.So, if that’s what makes your baby uncomfortable, heads up for this! Gerber contains comfort and small proteins that are easy to digest by baby’s developing digestive system. At the same time, it provides complete nutrition for your baby for 12 months.Moms who have been in your position believed that Gerber has been effective. The powder quickly dissolves, and foam settles fast after shaking. After few feeds, baby burps and pass gas effortlessly. Goodbye to indigestion problems and inconvenient spit-ups! See? Enjoying your baby and having fun is possible.

Tips for Taking Care of a Gassy Baby

Just so you know that like you, I’ve been there. I had my share of sleepless nights and heartache watching my baby cry almost all the time. I know that she’s in pain, but I can’t do much to help.

Some techniques that I’ve learned may help you find comfort.

  • checkEnsure that your baby’s head should be upright, above her tummy when feeding. In this bottle-feeding position, the milk sinks to the bottom pushing the air to the top making burping easy. 
  • checkLet your baby burp every after a feed
  • checkLet your baby do the bicycle exercise. Leg pumps movements relieve gas pains
  • checkCheck the bottles; nipple holes may be too big or too small. Try using those that are mainly designed to assist fighting gas problems in infants

Let me Know Your Thoughts!

Of course, plenty of formulas available may create confusion. That’s why I have picked for you the best formula for gas for your convenience. I would be glad if finally, you’ll find one that can help you out.

Nevertheless, as I have stated, different factors may have caused your baby’s gas problem. Every baby is unique. Just remember, if it’s taking a long time and your baby is still fussy and gassy, I recommend you visit the physician.

But when you think shifting to a new formula is a solution, my list is worth to try!

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