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The 5 Best Oil for Baby Massage: Which One Is for Your Baby?

I love massaging my little one. Are you also like me who finds these moments relaxing and fun? Mother’s touch sends a sense of comfort to the baby and in return strengthens the bond in between.

That’s why I make sure to use the best oil for baby massage. I carefully choose the right oil to apply. For me, there is no room to spoil the day.

What is your choice?


The Benefits of Baby Massage

Do you believe that touch is one of the best expression of love and care? Massage given to a baby is an example of such. Baby Massage is a tender and fond rubdown of your baby’s body using your bare hands.

In doing so, the use of oil would make the method suave. Your hands will slide smoothly all over your baby’s skin. Regular massaging may include the thigh, ankles, wrist and any other body parts. You can take this time to engage your baby’s attention by talking to her or hum a song.

Aside from the fact that this routine will kindle the production of oxytocin, there are other advantages when you massage your baby. By the way, oxytocin is the hormone that arouses the “happy feeling” that usually shared by mom and infant during breastfeeding. In this case, it would be for you, the baby and even to those that watch the procedure.


  • It releases the chemical serotonin. Serotonin comes from the brain and stimulates the “feel good” sensation and lessens the stress reaction. Therefore, the baby will feel more relaxed. Regular massaging helps in the progress of mental, social and physical well-being of the child.
  • This method makes a baby happy, relaxed and easy to handle. Your baby sleeps longer and better. This bonding is also the best therapy for moms to relieve stress and lift-up the mood. The pleasant sensation a mom feels during the massage is one technique to aid mum to recover from postnatal depressions.
  • Massage makes a baby less fussy especially when in pain. Continuous massage practice does not only contribute for healthy physical and emotional aspects but it also helps in clearing any baby skin conditions that are present.

  • It is also an excellent chance for dads to establish a connection with their newborns. Likewise, it helps in forgetting the pressure from work. Since massage naturally stimulates the nervous system, it assists in stabilizing heart rates and develops a healthy level of brain activity to premature babies.

What do you need to consider when buying baby oil for a baby massage?

You need to think twice when choosing the right baby oil for your baby. The buying guide below will help you decide on what to pick.

  • Consider the Season: There is a suitable baby oil that you can use for every season. For example, coconut baby oil is best for the summer since it is cool and almond oil for colder days.

  • Sensitive Skin and Allergies: Babies generally have sensitive skin. So, you need to be cautious in your choices. Vegetable oil has a high level of oleic acid so it causes irritation and rashes so you must avoid buying those. I also suggest not to prefer perfumed baby oils. It may worsen symptoms of skin conditions especially, to the extra sensitive skin. The same precaution also holds true for babies who have distinctive allergies (ex. Nuts.)
  • Check the labels of your chosen baby oil: The best quality oil lessens discomforts to your baby. See if below facts are present.

    • 100% pure oil

    • Cold press oil

    • No harmful chemicals

Top 5 of the Best Baby Oil for Baby Massage 

These baby oil products that I recommend for your baby massage are proven and tested by mothers all over. You can personally search feedbacks from mom forums and some positive reviews from users. The good news is; these products are not just for babies but oils for moms too!

Cocobelle Coconut Oil for Babies- Best Baby Oil for Summer

Cocobelle baby oil is purely organic, premium cold-pressed virgin coconut oil for baby. This oil is perfect nourishment for fresh and delicate skin leaving your newborn’s skin conditioned, soft and soothed. This product is assured to be 100% natural and free of chemicals making it an excellent and safe choice to be used for baby massage.

If you’re looking for baby oil for this summer, I suggest you check out Cocobelle as one of your selections. Coconut oil has a cooling effect on the skin thus making it famous for warm day massage. Compared to other summer baby oils like almond and olive, coconut is far cheaper when it comes to price.

What’s more, the packaging (jar) is also BPA-free and is 100% recyclable.

Sweet Almond Oil by Sweet Organics- The Best Baby Oil for Colder Days

The Bleu Beaute 100% Pure and Natural Sweet Almond Oil quickly absorbs and deeply penetrates to nourish and hydrate skin. Recognized to be useful in lessening eczema and bruises, the almond oil is an antioxidant and is impeccable in using it for massage. As a gentle massage oil for both adult and babies, it is rich in vitamin A, B and B6 and is an excellent source of Vitamin E.

I recommend almond oil for baby massage for winter or cold days. In contrast to mustard oil, almond oil doesn’t have a resilient scent. This product is cold pressed, therapeutic grade. To preserve its best quality, it’s packed in a UV protective bottle to prevent from light exposure.

Weleda Comforting Baby Oil- Baby Oil Best for Sensitive Skin

Make your baby relax by applying massage and using the best baby oil for sensitive skin. Weleda baby oil not only comforts your baby but it also free skin from harmful synthetic preservatives, perfumes, parabens, and phthalates. With the gentle, nourishing benefits of calendula, it calms baby’s most delicate area.

As you apply the oil, you’ll notice a clean, pleasant smell. Just apply few drops to areas you want to massage. Don’t worry; calendula doesn’t contain a high level of oleic acid, so it is safe for baby skin. It’s made for daily massage since it uses biodynamically grown organic calendula that is popular for its anti-inflammatory properties.

Johnson’s Baby Oil for Baby Massage- the most popular baby oil on the market!

Since I was young, Johnson’s baby oil is already a favorite for massage and moisturizer. I’ve used them for a long time, and now, I apply it to my baby. This product is well tested and trusted for a long time. It is essential to protect our children’s skin from dryness or moisture loss.

Considered as #1 baby skin brand, it boasts a global class safety process. The high-quality natural derived ingredients, the product focuses on the baby’s healthy development. The pure mineral oil is clinically proven mild and gentle.

Ideally, for baby massage, this baby oil is dermatologist and allergy-tested, smells sweet and is easy to spread.  Are you familiar with Johnson’s too?

Chicco Baby Moments Massage oil is a product born out of a mother’s need to calm down her baby. With the best interest at heart, the baby oil was merely for massaging to prepare a newborn’s naptime peaceful. The non-greasy formula of rice bran oil keeps baby’s skin always healthy and glowing.

Like most moms do, apply the massage oil after bath for satiny soft skin after. The massage routine is more useful to be used when skin is still damp. The oil is applicable for both newborns and adults.

The oil does not contain petroleum and paraffin. Great for babies, kids and adults, this massage oil has no artificial fragrances and is guaranteed to be tested for allergies.

A few tips on how to massage your baby:

If you’re a new mom and this is your first time to massage your newborn, here are some motherly tips that could help you enjoy your first baby-mom moments.

  • It’s best to do a massage session when your baby is attentive and comfortable. With this mood, it’s highly possible that baby is ready to have fun with you.
  • Master a comfy position wherein you can look eye-to-eye with your newborn. Try to establish an after bath massage routine to calm down your baby and to prepare her for a good night sleep. Introduce massage to your baby gradually. It would take a little bit of time for her to get used to it.
  • Choose an area that is safe for the newborn. Flat surfaces like the floor, sofa or bed are advisable. Make sure that your baby has your 100% attention. A nook that is cool enough will make it more inviting too.
    If you are not yet confident in how to do baby massage, here is a helpful video to guide you. Enjoy!


Since you have the opportunity to bond with your baby now, I encourage you to make the most of it. Take time to play around, touch, talk and laugh with your little one. Not mentioning all the advantages, we have stated earlier, these moments will stay forever with you and her.

Share this article with moms who enjoy quality time with their kids. I have high hopes that I gave you a simple guide on how to choose the best oil for baby massage.

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