Tips to Keep a Clean Home with Pets

Pets are wonderful companions. However, they do make a mess and can cause your home to stink. As much as you would want to run a pet loving home, it is equally important to keep it clean at all times. Pet parents understand what it takes to keep a home clean and odorless.

It’s harder if you have more than one pet because your task increases much more. You are likely to come across pet footprints on your comforter, fur, or even pet food that has to be moved to another room before it is eaten.


The good news is that you can keep things under control using a variety of techniques that have proven effective. These techniques will help you trap debris and dirt that is brought into your home after a series of activities outdoors. Here is our list of the most effective cleaning techniques.

Pet Vacuum

You need to vacuum on a regular basis, even if your pet is the non-shedding type. Other than pet hair, leaves, dirt, and other kinds of debris find their way into your home. Such dirt is transported into your home on your pet’s paws or fur when they go outside.

By the time you have done the first round of vacuuming, it’s almost time for a second one. One of the best ways to keep your home clean is by using a robot vacuum cleaner. It will make a significant difference to your home because you can set it to run when you are at work or busy with the kids. In fact, there are models that can be programmed to run on a predefined schedule.

However note that there are can be issues with the robotic vacuums running such as getting stuck and not finishing the task so many prefer the upright pet vacuums or even handheld ones for those tight to reach spaces.

Air Purifiers for Pets

Installing an air purifier in your home is one of the best ways to get rid of hair, dander and odor. Air purifiers are designed to pull hair, dander and odor out of the air in your home, essentially keeping it pet hair-free and freshening it up as well.

Stain Cleaners

Even disciplined dogs develop issues when they catch a stomach bug or when they eat things they shouldn’t have eaten in the first place. For that reason, you need to have a stain cleaner nearby that can get rid of stains and the accompanying odor.

Use the pet stain cleaner to clear stains the moment you spot them, and ensure that you follow the instruction provided on the packaging. Also, ensure you get a powerful stain remover to remove both outdoor and indoor stains.

Pet Beds

Pet's bed

Now you may think a pet bed? Why? Well it’s going to be a popular area for your pet and where most of the pet hair will accumulate. Looking through different pet beds on sale can cause you to get lured into buying a decadent outline or something with a fluffy finish. However, don’t fall into the trap- such pet beds are incredibly difficult to keep clean.

Rather, find a water resistant pet bed that you can easily wipe down with a soft cloth or one that has a removable cover that you can take off and just throw in the wash. You can always buy an extra cover so while you clean one; your pet still has his best pet bed to sleep on.

Clean your pet’s bed and put it out to air-dry whenever you get the chance. Air-drying in the sun also acts as a natural deodorizer, keeping your pet bed smelling good.

Keep your pet clean

If you pet looks like he ran through mud after a day of activity outside, you need to set up a grooming timetable. Although it seems obvious, removing dirt by grooming ensures none will be lying around the house. While it isn’t advisable to clean your pet using shampoo all the time, a simple wash with just water makes a huge difference.

Give your pet a thorough wash from time to time using pet shampoo.

Plus, based on the breed of pet you own, you may have to trim or de-shade. Seek the services of a professional pet groomer for best results.

Upgrade your sofa

Some pet parents can’t bear the thought of pushing their beloved furry friends off the sofa. If this sounds like you, it might be time to upgrade your sofa. Here’s why. A poor material usually acts like a strong magnet. It attracts unpleasant odors, and displays even the smallest stain.

Therefore, when you are scouting for a new couch, go for one made out of leather or a tight material that has the same shade as your pet’s coat. But, if you aren’t able to go for a new couch, consider a pet-friendly sofa cover that you can easily clean using your laundry machine.

Wipe the paws

Wipe the paws

Going out for a walk with your pet is a fulfilling adventure. But, sometimes pets carry dirt with them back to your home, especially if the trail you two walked on was a little muddier than usual.  

You are likely to find a lot of dirt lying round after such an experience and not just on your floor. Furniture, carpet, walls, blankets; your pet can transfer dirt to all of them in just a few minutes.

So, clean your pet’s paws each time you get back home from your regular walks. That way, you will be able to prevent accumulation of dirt. If your pet does not enjoy having his paws wiped, you should do it anyway. Be nice about it and offer him treats. He will stay calm and get used to the idea with time.

Set up a cleaning place

Your fiddle-leaf fig or Danish console may seem like the idea entryway, but is not such a good idea when you have a muddy dog in tow. A laundry room might be the most ideal place to set up a cleaning section of your house if you have one.

For pet parents without a laundry room, it would make sense to configure the entryway. That means a heavy doormat; readily accessible towels, wipes and water spay to help you clean his murky paws.

Final word

Pets light up your home. However, that also means you have to deal with pet hair, dander, odor or fur. Fortunately, these are issues you can easily deal with so that you home remains clean at all times. We have listed a couple of things you can do to help you keep your home odor, hair, fur and dirt-free.  You can apply these tips to your home to reduce some of the mess that a pet may attract to your home.

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