Easy Ways to Get Your Toddler from Crib to Bed

Getting from crib to the bed is surely it’s going to be a milestone in your baby’s life. You’ll leave no stone unturned to make it memorable and easy for your kid.

But there are some challenges to face throughout the process.

Primarily, most of the kids react negatively to this transition. Reason is, they face problems in sleeping or fear to sleep alone in a room. As a parent, dealing the situation is a hard nut to crack.

Worry not yet, here are some easy ways to make your kid habituated in sleeping in a bed from crib.


How to Determine the Right Time for the Crib-To-Bed Transition?

There’s no certain age of the baby for taking the move. It varies from kid to kid. That’s why you must follow your baby’s lead.

  • Shift your baby when he’s interested. Like, he’s willing to go to the toilet by himself. Or maybe he’s climbing out of the bed every now and then. Most of the parents don’t wait as soon as they see their baby’s doing this.
  • Sometimes you may have to force him because of the circumstances. Maybe a new baby is arriving very soon and you have to make some space for him. In that case, your toddler has to adjust to the bed whether he wants to or not.

Ways to Prepare Your Toddler for the New Bed

1. Let Your Baby Sleep on the Floor

If you ever find your baby has fallen asleep on the floor, let him sleep there. The next day, when he’ll find that he was sleeping on the floor, appreciate him. It’ll seem normal to him. He’ll gradually be ready for the change.

2. Try at His Naptime First

Before jumping straight to the bedtime transition, start with the daily naptime. Once you baby finds it comfortable to sleep in his bed during the daytime, then move to the bedtime sleep. Gradually, move all his favorite staffs from the crib to the bed so that he becomes eager to shift.

3. Prepare him for the expected troubles

There are chances that he may fall on the floor and wake up. You can place a thick rug and pillows on the floor to catch him. Or directly place the mattress on the floor and let him sleep there. If the toddler falls down frequently, then you can fit side rails with the bed.

4. Discuss the Rules

Tell him he’s big now, and shifting to a bed is a great thing. Convince him to stay in the bed until you come and get him up. If he’s awake suddenly at midnight, there’s nothing to fear. Instead, he should try to fall asleep.

5. Choose the Right Bed

Buying a convertible crib earlier is wise as it’ll make the transition easy. It’s because as the furniture remains the same and will be familiar to your toddler. Make sure it’s durable and not shaky but bouncy so that your kid finds it funny, not dangerous. If you’re buying a second-hand bed, be sure that it has all the necessary parts. Don’t choose a bed that’s too high so that your baby doesn’t get hurt if fall down.

6. Let the Toddler Choose His Bed

If your baby is old enough to make his own choice, let him choose the bed. If he shows enthusiasm for the new bed, it’ll be easier for you to make the move. He may go for a fancy style bed Such as a car shaped bed. It’s ok until the bed possesses no risk of injury. Of course, you have to supervise him otherwise he can pick an inappropriate one. But do it in a friendly way.

7. Let Him Pick His Own Bedding

Let him choose the bed supplies too such as the mattress, bed sheet, blanket, and pillows. There is a reason why pillowidea is one of the best resource. Extra pillows will make him comfortable in the bed. As the same time, it’ll discourage him from rolling about the bed while sleeping. Thus it’ll reduce the chance of falling. Again, various fancy pillows like a caterpillar or a cartoon character will be fun.

Also, allow them to keep their old pacifiers with which they used to sleep in the crib. It may be a toy or a stuffed animal. Forcing to give them up as soon as he gets to bed can create a feeling of insecurity in his mind.

8. Celebrate the Moment of Final Shifting

The day you finally replace the crib with a bed, make your kid believe that it’s a matter of celebration. Share your plans with him. Whether you’re going to sell the crib and buy a new toy for him with that money. Or how you’ll decorate the old crib for the new member coming. It’ll help him to forget the crib and adopt the bed.

The more he’ll be involved with the transition process, the less he’ll be overwhelmed with the decision.

Tips To Encourage Your Baby to Stay In the Bed

  • Keep the bed and the bedding neat and clean and dry
  • Make the room baby-proof and keep it free from insects and allergens.
  • Read him from books about sleeping in a bed and tell him the benefits
  • Spend enough time in the room during the daytime so that the room seems friendly to him.
  • Use a night light but avoid blue as blue light interferes with the sleep.
  • Keep checking him frequently at night to find out anything that is disturbing him.
  • Also, arrange a calling device like a bell to assure him that he can call you anytime he needs.

Things You Shouldn’t Do

  • Don’t rush or force him unless he is ready for the transition.
  • Don’t rush to move on a new sleep schedule. Stick to the old one. If you don’t have a bedtime routine yet, then there’s no need to push your baby into a routine so quickly.
  • Don’t make the transition when he is in a stress.

Final Verdict

Not all the children are same. Even two siblings may be completely opposite. So understand him before you treat him. Encourage him to sleep on his own bed, not yours. Above all, be friendly to him so that the transition seems funny and adventurous for him.

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