What Can A Cosmetic Emergency Family Dentist Eugene Oregon Do?

Did you know that the field of dentistry has specific areas of practice? These specifications aren’t just limited to medical doctors, as you can ask for specialized dental services for your needs. In Eugene, Oregon, for instance, you can enjoy access to specialized dentists, such as an emergency family dentist. But you may be left asking, what is it that this dentist can do for you? Continue reading below to find out:


They can provide you with preventive care.

Yes, their field of specialization is in emergency family care, but this doesn’t necessarily mean that you can visit this dentist only during emergencies. Family dentists can provide you with excellent preventive care. When it comes to your teeth, there really is no substitute for preventive care to improve and maintain your oral health.

With a family dentist, you already have an ongoing patient-dentist relationship with each other, which makes it easier for them to assess the needs of your teeth. Besides, your family dentist is already aware of your dental history, as they have your records from the beginning up to the present.

They provide ease of dental care.

One of the differences that a family dentist has from that of a general dentist is that family dentists cater to all ages, while the latter provides only to a specific age group. Hence, if you are trying to schedule your whole family for an appointment, it will save you from the trouble of having to jump from one dentist to another when you visit a family dentist. Whether you have toddlers, teens, adults, or an elderly family member, a family dentist can cater to all your needs. For instance, they can provide you with tips and the latest products on infant oral health, and even products for the oral health of senior citizens as well.

Also, if there is an emergency dental need, running to a family dentist can provide you with a better solution to your problems. If you run to a general dentist, you may only be wasting time, as, for example, when you reach their clinic, you might find out that they can’t cater to your needs because of the age group to which you belong. For instance, if your toddler needs emergency care, you have to entrust the same to a pediatric dentist. In the absence of one, a family dentist will do. How so?

Remember that it is so much more challenging to provide dental care to young children who cannot sit still in a chair. If you run to a general dentist, they might refuse your care for the sake of safety and efficiency.

They can provide imme​​​​diate emergency care.

If you do not have an emergency family dentist when the need arises, you might find yourself falling in line at the nearest emergency room. This isn’t a bad thing unless ten other people are waiting in line for more severe cases. Some hospital emergency rooms can get crowded, and you don’t want to add up to this crowd simply because of a dental concern. Although yours may be an emergency, other cases are also more severe in its degree.

When you have your private emergency family dentist, when the need arises, you can immediately run to this dentist for your needs. In this manner, you are lowering the waiting list of patients waiting to be cared for at a hospital emergency room.

They can provide you with a wide range of services.

Dentists who specialize in cosmetic, emergency, and family care can provide you with a wide range of services as they are skilled in each of these respective fields, and for each age range as well. For example, they know how to treat emergency cases for toddlers and senior citizens. In the field of cosmetic dentistry, they know how to create braces for your teenager, and dentures for your aging parent. When you walk into this dentist’s clinic, you can find almost every service relating to oral health that you may be looking for.

They can provide you with prescription medicines.

If you have a dental emergency and run to the hospital ER, it might not always be the case that there is a dentist readily available. Remember that dental concerns do not top the list of emergency priorities in an emergency room. Often, the most that ER nurses can do for you is to provide painkillers or immediate relief. For antibiotics, you will still be sent to a private dentist. With your own cosmetic emergency family dentist, you could’ve skipped this process and immediately consulted with them instead.


These enumerated benefits are only a few of those you can gain from seeing an emergency family dentist. If you don’t have one yet, then perhaps now is an excellent time for you to go ahead and seek the services of one. A family dentist provides so much more benefits than you can imagine, and you are lucky that in Eugene, Oregon, you have access to many competitive ones.

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