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What Kind of Flowers are Fit to Give in Welcoming a Newborn?

Do you know that families, friends, and loved ones buy flowers for birth in Spain? All of the mom’s hard work, labor, and effort needs a good bouquet of congrats and compliments with a ribbon. Tell her she did well, tell the child you did well, but if you think you can’t find the proper words and sentences to give the two new blessings, then you might as well give them a meaningful gift that describes your efforts to relay your unsaid messages in one bundle of flowers.

First off, try to think about what flowers you’ll give them. Each flower has a meaning, and you might want to get the ones that will not give them a wrong message. You may want to consider the baby's gender when choosing a flower as well. Pick the ones that are well suited for the grand occasion. An innocent and pure newborn in the arms of their strong and proud mother. Here are a few good choices for your bouquet.



Heliotropes are small but beautiful. It has a plain meaning, ‘Eternal Love.’ If you give this to a new mother and her child, it says, “May your love last forever.” The love of a mother and her newborn child.


Violets are small and, well, violet. They mean Loyalty, Devotion, and Faithfulness. These dainty little flowers will tell the mother and child “May you have faith and devotion towards the one you are loyal.”

White Clover

New mothers will always go in deep thought once it comes with a child and her friends and loved ones. It would be considered the best gesture to give them a white clover. It says, “We will always be thinking of you.”

Morning Glory

The name of this flower explains a lot. Anyone would want a taste of morning glory. Not the flower, the actual thing.

Add this to your bouquet and give it to the grand two. It says, “Let your mornings be bright and good.” What a sweet message to give to a family!


New Beginnings. A woman and her new beginning are resting peacefully in her arms. Chivalry. The gentle touches and caring words she tells her bundle of joy. The daffodil means new beginnings and Chivalry. “A bright day.”

Purple Lilac

They’re pretty on baskets. They’re pretty in gardens. But they’re also pretty in bouquets. Purple Lilac portrays a beautiful meaning. First Love. A newborn baby fully taking in the beauty of the world and the first beauty they see will be their mother. “Your first love.”

Yellow Iris

This blossom stands for motherly passion and child endearment. The yellow iris stands for great passion. The friendly vibe it gives is perfect for your bouquet. “You have passion.”

Blue Iris

Blue irises are beautiful. They stand for faith and respect. You are saying to her that you will respect both her and her newborn and that you wish they stay faithful.

Purple Iris

If you give a purple iris to the mother, it would mean you are saying, “You are full of wisdom” or “You are wise.” It’s a good compliment. You might want to receive one yourself.

White Hyacinth

What a star-like flower. Very lovely, indeed. It is not a surprise to know that it means ‘loveliness.’ It would be nice to give it to the new mother and child. “May you be full of loveliness!”

Lavender Heather

Do you want one? Anyone would want one as a meaningful gift. The lavender heather means admiration, solitude, and beauty. You admire the mother for her great efforts. You think that the product of her hard work is beautiful. “I admire your beautiful work.”

Purple Gladiolus

The mother is strong. You hope that she will stay faithful to herself and her newborn. The honor is hers and yours to witness their happiness. “Stay strong.”


You want them to treasure their happiness and joy. Let their hearts stay pure. Gardenias mean Purity, Sweetness, and Joy. “You are lovely.”


You want to say that you are thoughtful. You are thinking about them both. Freesia means Innocence and Thoughtfulness. “I wish you well.”


The delphinium flower means Big-heartedness and Ardent attachment. If you want to say the mother has a big heart and that you hope for the sentimental affection of the child, then the Delphinium is the best choice. “You are caring,” or “Love will keep you together.”

Red Chrysanthemum

Red chrysanthemums have a straightforward meaning. Love. You want to express your love to both the mother and the child. How much you care for them both. How much you want them to have the same amount of love you have for them. It’s easier to give it to them than spell it for them.

Pink Carnation

They’re like fans forming a circle. Pretty and aesthetic for photos. This flower has one of the most precise meanings for a new mother and her newborn. It means the Love of a woman or a Mother. Wow, better give her a whole basket instead. “Motherly love.”

Red Carnation

Red carnations mean love, admiration, and pride. If you give this to the mother, you are saying you love her, you admire her, and that you take pride in her joy with her new addition to the family.


Asters need more credit. They stand for Patience, Love variety, Elegance, and Daintiness. Aster is even a nice name.

When gifted, the giver will be hoping with the flowers that the receiver will be patient with what they will face, love their child in every way, accept the differences of the child, and respect their fragility.


Amaryllis. They are pretty in bouquets. They stand for splendid beauty or Worth beyond beauty — what a compliment to both the mother and the newborn. “You are beautiful.”


You can give this flower in almost all of the positive occasions. It means Emphasis on the positive. It means Wealth, Prosperity, Fortune, and Friendship. You are saying to the mother and child that you wish both her, and the baby will live good wealth and health, let they happiness and love prosper, may they be found by good fortune, and make their friendship stay tied and with no harm. “You will live a good life.”


I hope this article was informative enough for you to choose the right flowers for the new mother and child. I’m sure she would be happy with the bouquet. Now the only thing to worry about is how to give it to them. Directly? Or as a surprise? Your pick!

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