When And How To Use Masks


Coronavirus disease famously referred to as COVID-19 has been deemed to be a highly infectious and lethal disease. According to scientists and health professionals, this disease is caused by the recently discovered coronavirus.

It has been discovered that wearing a face mask is one of the preventive measures that can assist in the prevention of this notorious virus.  This notwithstanding putting on a face mask could turn to be a source of respiratory infections if the mask is not discarded or not worn properly. Despite wearing a mask, it is necessary that individuals ensure that at all times they clean their hands with water and soap or alcohol-based hand sanitizer.

Put on a mask if:

  • You manifest symptoms of COVID-19 which include coughing, sneezing or running nose, sore throat, and difficulty breathing.
  • If you have good health, you only need to put on a mask if you are caring for a COVID-19 patient.
  • If you are unable to keep physical distance to minimize the risk of getting the COVID-19 virus.
  • If you are an elderly person aged 60 and above or you have some underlying medical conditions which could make one seriously ill with the virus.
  • Kindly note unless you manifest COVID-19 there is no tangible evidence that putting on a mask will help prevent one from getting this virus, however, putting on a mask may aid in protecting your close contacts even if you are sick.

How to use a mask

  • Prior to wearing a mask ensures that you properly clean your hands with water, soap, or an alcohol-based sanitizer.
  • Make sure you cover your nose and mouth with a mask and ensure no gaps exist between your face and the mask.
  • Make sure you replace your mask with a new one as soon as it becomes humid or damp and never recycle any single-use mask.
  • Never touch your mask while using it, if you happen to, thoroughly clean your hands with water, soap, or an alcohol-based sanitizer.
  • While taking off the mask ensure you remove it from behind and never touch the front part of the mask. Dispose of the mask immediately if it is not re-usable in a closed bin and wash your hands.
  • Hold only strings or loops of the mask as you discard it into the bin.
  • Always evaluate your mask for any holes or tears.
  • Ensure the colored side of your mask faces outwards.
  • Keep your mask far away from surfaces and you while removing it.

Always clean your reusable mask with a good detergent. Once a mask has been used numerous times it can become uncomfortable to put on again as it may have saliva and sweat. Aroma floreeze spray will refresh your mask with some nice aroma and sanitize it.  With Aroma floreeze spray be assured your mask will have no unpleasant smells and will ever be clean. Aroma floreeze spray makes wearing your mask easier and safer. In addition Aroma floreeze spray is quite portable and is made from natural ingredients such as Tea Tree Essential Oil, Japanese Green Tea Extract, Lavender Essential Oil besides the specially-formulated BiProGE Lactic Acid Bacteria.


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