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Why is My Cat suddenly so affectionate? Know what your cat is telling you!

Isn’t it that what I want is a pet that makes a close companion? Cats, for one, is the most domesticated pet comparable to dogs. However, though how much I wish to make my cat adorable and attentive to me, she can be extraordinarily clingy and attention seeker at times. Why is my cat suddenly so affectionate?

It kept me wondering for days why my cat who roam around the neighborhood most of the time and comes home to me only when she wants, became a tag-along. It was confusing me and making me worried that there might be a problem going on. Is she one of those felines who seek my care when sick? If she is, then I must know what she is going through.


How do you know that your cat is seeking attention? 

I could not have raised my cat as a brat, did I? Spoiling her sometimes could not be the reason why she is so clingy nowadays. The vet explains that this is not always the case since fear and anxiety are the primary cause of such pet-owner situations. I realized then that I had adopted my cat weeks back, and who knows what she experienced again then.

I later understand that anxiety is a worry for cats. They find it hard to forget the particular memories that happened in the past. If their mind is traumatic, they tend to associate objects, actions, or some adverse circumstances from that experience and it would then trigger the disturbing behavior.

Remember below signs showing that your cat is being clingy: 

  • Wherever you go in your house, your cat always stays close to you. The feline clings to your shirt, pants, or even the blanket when you are in bed, and you find it hard to release her.
  • You lost all your favorite spots in the house since your cat is already occupying it.
  • Will not allow you to leave her, not even a single move when she is with you. Your pet seeks every opportunity to catch your attention.

Since anxiety is a common problem with cats, it does makes them clingy if they have the condition. Watch this video of a clingy cat. Do you think she has separation anxiety?

What are the reasons why your cat suddenly get so affectionate?

All domestic pets can be affectionate, especially cats. They also have the desire to show love to their owners and appreciate when their humans love them back. Hence, when you are relaxing on your couch, and suddenly your cat jumps and cuddles on your lap, it is a sign that she wants to spend time with you. This unexpected call for attention may be a result of a change of house, weather, or other disturbances in the surroundings.

Like a habit, my cat brushes her furry body against my leg when I wash the dishes, and I feel like she is telling me something. She will not stop purring and follow me all the way through the entire hall until I finally understand her. Cats usually show this clingy attitude when you are not giving them enough time to play with. It also helps to ensure that they have all that they need especially food and water.

Here are some “environmental factors” that results in the sudden change in your cat’s behavior. Keep these in mind so you would know what triggers their sudden demand for affection.

  • Winter or a sudden drop in temperature
  • Changes in the furniture arrangement or new ones
  • Alarms
  •  Simply new faces at home like a new addition to the family or and a rival pet

Please know that sudden change in your cat’s behavior is not always a sign of illness. Your cat may be one of those cats that some calls “Velcro Kitty.” These cats do not want to be close to humans once but changed and suddenly likes to gain affection. The most common signs of illness are lethargy and physical changes.

However, when my cat got pregnant, she demands attention during her first five weeks of pregnancy. She got too bossy when asking for food. I understood that she frequently gets hungry at that time. I am demanding for food when pregnant but my cat is excessively asking than I could ever be when expecting. Therefore, give them the attention they need especially when you know the cause to provide them with security.


It could be challenging to discipline a needy cat. As they say, tough love can be rewarding most of the time. You can make commands that only you and your cat knows. With enough love and patience, you would be able to control your cat.

Do you have a cat that suddenly becomes so affectionate? I have it too!

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